Minutes of Bantock Local Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting

Held on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 at the Tractor Shed Bantock House, Finchfield Road, Wolverhampton

2.  Sainsbury’s Development Update

Sue Bailey Introduced herself and explained that she has been working as the Community Affairs Project Officer on the Raglan Street Development for ten years. Wolverhampton City Council (WCC) Planning Committee approved the development at Raglan St. 

A PowerPoint presentation was shown detailing an overview of the proposed development. The site will include a petrol station and accommodation including apartments.  This will be a flagship store selling homeware and clothes, there will also be an online service based in store.  SB explained that Sainsbury’s were committed to ensuring that the site was as environmentally friendly as possible and will have pedestrian links from the store, across the ring road, into Wolverhampton town centre and the market.


SB explained that employees currently employed at the Wolverhampton store will be relocated to the Raglan Street Store.  The new development will create new jobs.  Information about the recruitment process will be advertised in store, local press and on the Sainsbury’s website.

Residents expressed strongly their concerns of pedestrian safety and volume of traffic and felt the streets around the Raglan Site including Brickiln Street and Aspen Way are already congested and that the development of a superstore would only add to existing traffic problems.

SB explained that as part of the Section 106 Agreement, funds will be made available to WCC who will decide on how to best spend the funds on traffic calming measures.

Tim Philpot introduced himself as Road Safety Manager for WCC and explained that traffic modelling would go ahead which will look to anticipate the volume and direction of traffic.  He explained that he had been asked to look at traffic volume and speed on Aspen Way by a local school.  TP has identified that there have been injuries and that this can be a difficult area for pedestrians particularly at peak times.

Residents were concerned that decisions should have already been made about the road systems if it is planned that construction should start in the summer with a view to the store opening in 18 months’ time.  SB and TP reassured residents that his was not the case as detailed traffic surveys could only take place once planning permission was granted. 

Residents asked how often and how many petrol tankers would service the site.  SB explained that drivers will be required to follow a preapproved route.

Sgt GM asked for confirmation that the store would not be open 24 hours. SB confirmed that it would not be.

Residents questioned if there were any staff parking spaces allocated. SB explained that the companies travel plan aims to encourage people to walk or cycle to work.

SB explained that the St Georges Site will close the day that the new site opens, it is not confirmed what will become of the St Georges Premises

Residents requested another meeting to discuss the traffic calming measures in more detail.    Action GA to organise a follow up meeting

SB stated that Sainsbury’s are committed to investing in the area and they will consult in order to try to meet the needs of the community. 

Residents asked what type of employment opportunities there would be for local people.  SB spoke about the types of positions and explained the recruitment would start 3 months before the store opened.  GA stated discussions are already taking place about the types of courses that need to be delivered in the area to ensure local residents have the necessary qualifications to apply for the jobs.   
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