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Cllr Bilson presented the report and noted that the proposal addressed the significant financial challenges the authority faced due to cuts from Central Government, but also would help stimulate the local economy and encourage growth and investment in the city centre. He highlighted the successful bid by the Council for £600,000 of funding for the scheme, but indicated that the plan for larger scale refurbishment of the public realm would take time due to Government cuts, and the change in funding from £5 million to £1.6 million reflected this.

Cllr Johnson agreed with the approach, and noted that the £600,000 from the Department for Transport.

1. That the revised delivery strategy for the City Centre Transport and Movement Project be approved.
2. That the funding of £1.6 million, provided by £600,000 of Department for Transport grant and £1 million from the Capital Programme Allocation be approved.

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