Our overall impressions of the aspirations contained in the Plan are favourable.

If developments and schemes came forward that fulfilled these then it would go a long way to producing a joined up network of cycle friendly routes that we feel would encourage people to choose cycling.

More info at ourplaceourplan.org.uk, community referendum 17th July. 

Why we like the plan :

• Requiring new developments to demonstrate how they will link up with existing cycling routes and contribute to new infrastructure will be valuable and is welcome.

Education and information are vital; cycle friendly routes and off-road paths are of reduced value if they are hard to find and unclear as to where they lead.

• The provision of 20 mph zones around schools and on roads which have no pavement, whilst primarily intended to benefit pedestrians, are useful as an encouragement to cyclists – particularly to the less experienced.

• The towpath of the Staffordshire & Worcestershire canal and the route of the old railway have the potential to provide a valuable offroad route for walking and cycling, linking Castlecroft, Finchfield, Tettenhall, Whitmore Reans and Pendeford.

Much of the towpath has been improved recently, but much of the old railway path from Castlecroft Rd to where it crosses the canal ('Meccano Bridge') remains poor.  The access from Castlecroft Rd down to the railway is now awkward for able bodied pedestrians and very difficult for those encumbered with pushchairs or cycles.  Solving these issues must surely make this end of the route more attractive to the local population.

• We think that the provision of on road cycle lanes west of the Rock junction, even if only on the uphill side, would be a very welcome feature. This section of road can be daunting even for competent cyclists and a well designed cycle lane would be of benefit.

• We agree that on-road cycle lanes should only be installed where they will be of benefit to cyclists, not solely for the purposes of traffic calming. To be effective and safe when installed they must be of adequate width, our view is that this has not always been the case in Wolverhampton.


Wolves on Wheels support the ambitions detailed in the Plan and look forward to its adoption.

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