There are 78 candidates for the Wolverhampton Borough Council Elections on Thursday.

We have asked each candidate 2 questions as part of a snapshot survey towards the cycling attitudes of our future decision makers.

1 - Do you Ride a bicycle and if so, for what purposes? If you don't ride is there a particular reason?

2 - Do you support the general principles of the Space4Cycling campaign and if so, which of the themes do you think relevant for your prospective ward?

Response Rates :

  • Total 16 / 78 = 21%
  • BNP 0 / 2 = 0%
  • Conservative 0 / 20 = 0%
  • Green 2 / 3 = 66%
  • Independent 1 / 3 = 33%
  • Labour 4 / 20 = 20%
  • Liberal Democrat 3 / 10 = 30%
  • UKIP 6 / 20 = 30%

A Europe-wide MEP candidate survey received a response of just 1 UK candidate.

All party area representatives were first contacted 08/05/2014, along with subsequent chases to ensure the survey had been passed to candidates. Responses were limited to 100 words per question. Independents were contacted via Royal Mail. We are a non-partisan organisation.

We will be contacting all councillors after the election results to encourage them to sign up their support for the Space for Cycling campaign.

One candidate mentions road tax, which was abolished in 1937, see  Over 99% of roads in Wolverhampton, approx 750km, are maintained through Council Tax, regardless of whether or not you own a car, 35% of households in Wolverhampton do not.  Car tax is based on amount of CO2 emitted so, if a fee had to be paid, cyclists - who are sometimes branded as 'tax-dodgers' - would pay the same as 'tax-dodgers' such as disabled drivers, police cars, the Royal family, and band A motorists, ie £0.

Cycling Proficiency has been replaced by the Bikeability Levels.


AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Bilston East Andy Randle Conservative 326    
Bilston East Mike Rogers UKIP 968    
Bilston East Stephen Simkins Labour 1205    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Bilston North Brian Lawley UKIP 939    
Bilston North Neil Macleod Conservative 358    
Bilston North Phil Page (R) Labour 1370    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Blakenhall Adam Ansari Conservative  358    
Blakenhall Stephen Dion UKIP  363    
Blakenhall Judith Rowley (R) Labour  2401    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Bushbury North Susan Bem UKIP 1014 I rode a bicycle all of my life, from the age of 7, until a few years ago after several potentially dangerous experiences.  I no longer feel safe in traffic or climbing inclines. I would wish to promote cycle-friendly town centres and routes through green spaces.

My one point of caution is, as my hearing ability decreases, I am regularly surprised by bikes rushing past me. Indeed, I often take my dog with me to alert me of a cyclist approaching from behind. Use of bells nowadays seems to be going out of favour.
Bushbury North Carl Husted Conservative 794    
Bushbury North Ian Jenkins Liberal Democrat 90 As a cyclist myself, I would like to flag up the problem of road surfaces, potholes, and the need for government to keep up to date with road maintenace; I have had some narrow escapes as a result of dangerous road surfaces, especially on the A449. The new CAF trams should be accessible, so that is progress, but it does depend on how individual conductors treat cyclists, and whether they will impose any restrictions. I am involved with Centro (through Campaign for Rail) and will raise this next month..

There is also an absence of adequate cycle provision on local roads (South Staffs is worse!), and we need to consider cycles in new schemes. (Is the Wobaston Road improvement cycle friendly?)
Bushbury North Simon Patten  BNP 116    
Bushbury North Daniel Warren Labour 1069 Yes. I ride my bike to work and to University and getting out and about in general.

As a keen cyclist I would like to offer my support to the six main campaign themes. In my ward of Bushbury North there has been massive issues with speeding traffic and I have taken an active part in several speeding campaigns. I would support lower speed limits across my ward including the Stafford Road where speeding traffic is a problem, also with Business Rates from the i54, I would argue that money should be invested into cycle lanes in and around the i 54 and the Stafford Road corridor.
In many parts of the ward there are issues with lots of traffic going through certain residential roads. In terms of limiting traffic/ blocking off roads to through traffic, further consultation would have to take place with residents. So my support for these schemes would have to be on a case by case review.

I would support any improvements to roads in the City centre and cross the City that helps cyclists travel around in the safest way possible. More work and money needs to be invested in making roads safer around schools for both pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Bushbury South and Low Hill Iain Mackintosh UKIP 700    
Bushbury South and Low Hill Giuliano Pisarski Conservative 266    
Bushbury South and Low Hill Paul Sweet Labour 1252    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
East Park Anita Dinham Green 93    
East Park Steve Hall Conservative 411    
East Park Barry Hodgson UKIP 692 Yes, I have a decent heavy duty bike that I use for occasional local journeys, and when needs must (Ironically, fetching spares for my car repair was the last longer journey made). I also some times use a bike carrier frame on my towbar to take a bike on holiday, invaluable for fetching a newspaper whilst in the sticks. I use a folding bike when portability is needed.
All notwithstanding the state of my knees - there are days the mind may be willing but the body is not, and the bike stays in the shed.
I also use a motor-bike for leisure purpose. Riding both, and the inevitable heart-stopping experiences as motorists pull out, open doors, etc., makes me, I think, a safer motorist.
My particular concern is pedestrian friendly town centres. I've lived in a couple of towns in Europe where 'the cyclist is supreme'. Whereas out-of-town car parking is a sensible strategy to relieve the town of traffic, it is quite unreasonable to expect cyclists to do likewise. Marked Cycle paths in pedestrian only areas should be the norm. Secure storage at multiple sites in the town centre should be available.
My particular gripe is the abuse by increasing numbers of motorists in using restricted access roads such as Lichfield Street. The situation is rarely policed and enforced. I think these roads should be for buses, motor bikes and cycles only, ie: no taxis (and our Wolverhampton taxi drivers have to be the least bike-friendly of all motorists).
The one hazard we have done insufficient about is the ring road - and all cyclists heading into town need to negotiate it !
East Park Keith Inston (R) Labour 1151    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Ettingshall Michael Birch Liberal Democrat 71    
Ettingshall Jennifer Cooper Independent 105    
Ettingshall Andrew Johnson (R) Labour 1785    
Ettingshall Rob Jones UKIP 508    
Ettingshall Suria Photay Conservative 222    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Fallings Park Mel Cooper UKIP 891    
Fallings Park Steve Evans (R) Labour 1390 I have a leisure ride very occasionally but more so on Holiday when I have more disposable time to myself. I very much support the general principle behind the space4cycling campaign. The key themes most relevant to my prospective ward are as follows:
Protected space on main roads especially the Cannock Road & Prestwood Road.
Lower speed limits in areas near schools and estates such as Scotlands, Longknowle.
Safe routes to schools
Routes through green spaces.
Fallings Park Aaron Hall Conservative 461    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Graiseley Eileen Birch  Liberal Democrat  151    
Graiseley John Chubb Conservative 503    
Graiseley Don Cooper UKIP 515    
Graiseley Jacqui Sweetman (R) Labour 1857    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Heath Town Frank Adey UKIP  583    
Heath Town John Lee Conservative 417    
Heath Town William Of Shropshire Independent 157    
Heath Town Caroline Siarkiewicz (R) Labour 1147    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Merry Hill Paulene Griffiths UKIP  970 I am in favour of all members of the public keeping fit and riding bikes if they wish. However, this must be coupled with respect for the laws of the road, i.e. stopping at red lights and cutting in front of motor vehicles.  Also, I do think that motorists pay the very expensive road tax which lets face it, enables cyclists to use the public highway, so again, cyclists must at all times, adhere to the rules of the road which quite regularly they do not. No to cycle lanes in City Centre! far more important things to spend taxpayers money at moment in Wolverhampton.

My personal opinion.
Merry Hill Christine Mills (R) Conservative 1144    
Merry Hill Terry Pye Labour 1125    
Merry Hill Ashley Wilkes Liberal Democrat 152    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Oxley Julie Hodgkiss (R) Labour  1192 Yes, we all do as a family. Mainly for pleasure but also for much needed exercise and fresh air (us adults!) Yes, I agree with the principles of the campaign outlined above. Most applicable to Oxley would be the lower speed limits, the ward is bordered by the Stafford Road, Marsh Lane, Oxley Moor Road and other ‘fast’ roads and has some routes through that would be described as 'rat runs'. Road danger is consistently raised with me and my colleagues. The neighbourhood police hold frequent speed watch sessions and we often highlight the problem to the police as a priory at Oxley PACT meetings (Police and community together).
Oxley David Hunt Conservative 585    
Oxley Clive Rudd UKIP 882    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Park Andrea Cantrill Green  231 Yes, I do ride a bike! It's my main form of transport. Everyday I take my child to from nursery on it as well as going to town, visiting friends and food shopping, I also take it on the train when I visit family. I fully support all your key themes. I am in park ward so am fortunate to have the Tettenhall road and it's cycle lanes as well as west park, Compton park and the Smestow Valley (although this is difficult to navigate the gates with a bike seat and small child).
Removing through traffic is not only beneficial for cyclist but makes the streets safe for children to play.
Lowering speed limits again makes it safer, cyclist and children can be seen.
The better the access for cyclist to the town, the better the access for wheelchair and pram users too.
Safer school routes would mean more people could leave their cars at home, incorporating exercise into there daily routine and less traffic on the roads.
Routes through green spaces would give people an opportunity to get outside, again wheelchairs and prams, giving everyone access to fresh air and a healthier lifestyle, bringing communities together.
Park Craig Collingswood (R) Labour 1477    
Park Karen Hollyhead Conservative 617    
Park Derek Knowles UKIP 396    
Park Bryan Lewis Liberal Democrat 131    
Park Rich Turner Independent 101 Reply by Wendy Turner (Agent) Although Rich does not cycle to work, due to the distance he must travel I, as his wife often do and due to my incessant complaining he is fully aware of the issues affecting cyclists. I have been involved in arranging a sustainable travel scheme including a cycle to work scheme and although colleagues are interested they feel that the roads are unsafe and they are reluctant to cycle to work. Centro have been working to try and resolve this issue however Rich believes that the Council needs to ensure there are protected cycle routes on all main arterial roads into and out of the centre. There also need to be safer cycle routes to school to encourage children to cycle thus getting vital exercise but also to show them that cycling is a fun and exhilarating leisure activity.
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Penn Jeffrey Hemsley Liberal Democrat  202    
Penn David Mackintosh UKIP 896    
Penn Anwen Muston Labour 1454 Unfortunately due to a spine injury, I am not able to ride a bicycle anymore, where possible I would support your aims and objectives as listed below:
• Protected space on main roads
• Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
• Lower speed limits
• Cycle-friendly town centres
• Safe routes to school
• Routes through green spaces
I would advocate that Wolverhampton City Council officers look at all these issues when looking at road safety issues or road improvements. Funding could be an issue but I would ask the council officers to apply for more safety grants in the future.  I wholeheartedly support cycling as a sport and as a leisure activity which helps improve our fitness and long term health.
Penn Patricia Patten (R) Conservative 1490    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Spring Vale David Bradnock  BNP 64    
Spring Vale Vic Grainger Conservative 190    
Spring Vale Malcolm Gwinnett ( R, until recently Lib Dem ) UKIP 1251 For several reasons I am no longer a cyclist, but I support unreservedly every initiative to improve cycling opportunities and safety. Cars and bikes don't mix well ! Thus where possible safer cycle routes should be a priority.
The council already has a good cycling proficiency scheme set up with schools and the Police.
Several years ago I campaigned along the Birmingham New Road for an extension from Spring Road to the Black Country Route. This was achieved, along with a marked crossing at the Shaw Road traffic lights.
Spring Vale Ann Reaney Labour 861    
Spring Vale Tom Stokes Liberal Democrat 860 I do not currently cycle due to the fact of not owning a bicycle. I live on the second floor of an apartment block and although we do have cycle racks in our car park, theft has been a regular occurrence. I learned to cycle from a very young age and even took part in a cycling proficiency course at primary school. Due to the nature of my work I am well aware of the issues cyclists face commuting in their local area, also the issues that other road users have with cyclists when they have to interact on the current road network, which wasn't really built to accommodate both. I am aware of the issues cyclist have with storing their bikes, particularly at the train station and the lack of facilities on the Metro. I support cycling as I have instigated the construction of a brand new bmx track in my ward. I fully support better infrastructure for cyclists.
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
St Peters Ali Ajaz Conservative  479    
St Peters Roger Gray Liberal Democrat 111    
St Peters Nick Raghoo UKIP 274    
St Peters Tersaim Singh (R) Labour 1284    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Tettenhall Regis Simon Ellis UKIP 965    
Tettenhall Regis Barry Findlay (R) Conservative 1572    
Tettenhall Regis Muhammad Nasim Labour 818    
Tettenhall Regis Jonathan Webber Liberal Democrat 178    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Tettenhall Wightwick Martyn Griffiths UKIP  853    
Tettenhall Wightwick Peter Hollis Liberal Democrat 163 I have a bicycle which I confess I rarely use, and only for recreational purposes on cycle tracks and  paths. I feel unsafe riding on the roads in the heavy traffic, although I would like to do so if it was safer. I fully support all the campaign issues listed. It has to be a priority to reduce car use for local trips, to reduce congestion and improve safety and air quality. Much can be done without great expense or major road works. Locally, our shopping centres in Compton and Tettenhall would benefit from reduced traffic speeds, cycle priority at junctions and making cyclists more visible to car and lorry drivers, and better cycle parking facilities.
Tettenhall Wightwick Hazel Malcolm Labour 733    
Tettenhall Wightwick Andrew Wynne (R) Conservative 1922    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Wednesfield North Mary Bateman Labour 1192    
Wednesfield North Ben Forrest UKIP 958 I used to ride regularly and for miles but increasing traffic, continual bad weather and the precautions to avoid theft  has all helped to slowly wean me off two wheels.  Additionally, as more Diesel engines have been introduced in domestic vehicles, the gas and fumes have became quite disturbing and unhealthy. I spend a fair bit of time in the Netherlands, where cycling around the cities is far easier than driving. It works very well for them, and their cyclists do look a healthy lot too!
I see a cycle lane has been introduced in Bushbury, in recent years, but it has been blighted by parked cars, which is a real problem throughout Wolverhampton. Cyclist also suffer from a lack of tolerance by motorists, unsympathetic planning by local authorities, and of course thieves, who see the cyclists mode of transport as their mode of income.
Wednesfield North Lee Harris Green 85 I own a bike but rarely use it. I can walk to work or to town and take the train or car on longer journeys. I think points 4,5 and 6 are particularly relevant. Whereas I don't think it's particularly practical or safe to force bike lanes onto busy main roads, I feel the promotion of more green space and car free town centres is vital. Bike access should be a big part of that.
Wednesfield North Hazel Keirle Conservative 616    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?
Wednesfield South  Kevin Bourne UKIP 944 I've been a keen/regular cyclist from the age of about 5 years old. I cycle most days for fun, and to get to places if I know that there is somewhere safe to chain my bike. I have a thirty speed Trek 6700 mountain bike. I have all of my water proof gear.

Having been a taxi driver in Wolverhampton for 11 years, and also being a keen/regular cyclist; I've seen in equal measure the bad/inconsiderate cyclists and motor vehicle drivers.
I'm not keen on lowering speed limits.
I'm also not too keen on blocking too many roads to motor traffic.
I would be interested in, cycle routes in green spaces (I enjoy cycling along canal towpaths); cycle friendly Town centres (especially more/some secure storage); protected spaces on main roads; safe routes to schools.
I admit though, that I worry/wonder where funding/costs would be expected to come from.
Wednesfield South Greg Brackenridge Labour 1217    
Wednesfield South Matthew Holdcroft (R) Conservative 657    
AreaNamePartyResultDo you ride a bike?Support for Space 4 Cycling?


Candidates are more than welcome to submit any last-minute survey responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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