From TP, WCC : 

Dear Forum Member

A meeting was held last week with members of Wolves on Wheels to discuss this matter amongst others.

The City Centre Improvements (plan attached) are now a matter of priority. Our discussions included layout of the Victoria St/Princess St junction and the Contraflow cycle lane Princess St to Garrick St.
image001Key comments were: 1 the preferred layout of the junction was as shown below.  ( The alternative was shared use footpath at junction Lichfield St / Princess St South East pavement - SY )

2. Concern was expressed over the width (1.5m) of the contraflow lane and its entrance at the junction, and the width of buffer between the lane and parking bays (0.5m). While these concerns were acknowledged, further review of these has identified no further room for expansion.

Provisionally there will be a further meeting with Centro and some WOW members on Wednesday 21 May at 6pm in the Civic Centre to discuss the Metro extension. Forum members who wish to comment on this are welcome.



Download Original PDF ( 1.5MB )

Streetscene mockups also available here

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