Wolverhampton Cycle Forum
Thursday 17th July 2014, 6pm

Committee Room 1, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Access to Civic Centre via entrance nearest Ring Road ( Round the back ).

Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Draft Agenda
Thursday 17 July 2014, 6pm
Committee Room 4, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

In attendance: John Harris (CRT), Nicholas Squires (WOW), David Wilson (WOW), Mike Jenkins (WOW), San Worrall (Cyclist), Win Sutton (Cyclist), Tom Richards (Cycling Instructor), Steve Young (Sustrans), Chris Terrell (WOW), Councillor Martin Waite (WCC), Tim Philpot (WCC)

  1. Apologies Jennifer Cromie, Julia Brant, George Reiss, Dave Clare,
  1. Minutes of the last meeting (10 April 2014)
  1. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda
    • a TP explained that, following the Transportation Service restructure, he would continue to be the point of contact between the Forum and the Council.
    • b 6c – Future Centro stakeholder meetings. There will be 3 in the coming year. First probably on October 4. Centro will ensure WOW are invited as appropriate.
    • c 6d – NCN81 signage. Thanks to Steve Young for work in identifying deficiencies. Currently no progress on making improvements, a report will be fed back to a future meeting.
    • d : A request was made for cycle parking to be installed at Hilton Hall Community Hall, Lanesfield. This has been included in the Capital Programme for 2014-15.


  1. Active Travel Strategy

Funding totalling £90k has been secured from the Public Health Transformation Fund (£30k) and the Local Sustainable Travel Fund (£60k) for the production of an Active Travel Strategy for Wolverhampton. It is envisaged that consultancy will be procured to support this task. The Cycle Forum, as an identified partner, will have a role in developing the Strategy.

  1. Nature of Cycle Forum in future

TP advised the Forum that there was an onus on the Council to ensure resources were used carefully especially given current constraints, and that one matter needing review was to consider whether there was scope for reducing the resource input to the Forum. Some concern was voiced about the possible effects of doing so. The following discussion raised these points:

Meetings can continue in the Civic Centre if a Councillor books the room and attends.
Is there any role for Centro which might bring some assistance?
Can some of the Active Travel Strategy fund a Cycling Officer, or at least support the Forum?
Can other sources of support be found such as Public Health funding?
Can the number of meetings be reduced without adverse effect? Would the Forum’s credibility suffer?

The overwhelming view of the meeting was that it was difficult to see how the Forum could operate with reduced Council input. Solutions needed to be found that involve resources to support this.

Councillor Waite resolved to take up the issue with the Head of the Transportation Service
TP advised he would come back to the next meeting with further thoughts.

  1. Infrastructure matters
    • a Sainsbury’s. The following comments were made: While work was going on info for cyclists was non-existent. The new Toucan has been tried but the sequencing makes for considerable delays for cyclists and some prefer the subway. There is no cycle parking at the front entrance. There appears to be scope for a cycle route to be extended down the footway towards St Mark’s Road
    • b Metro Extension. WOW have suggested inviting Dave Holladay of Tramsol to meet with reps from Centro/Aecom and WCC to discuss the extension proposals. DH has considerable experience of dealing with cycle/tram conflict of interest. TP was looking to arrange a meeting around September.
    • c Strategic Economic Plan – Managing Short Trips project. Funding has been acquired for improvements to cycle routes including the Mainline Canal towpath matched by CRT and Section 106 funding), the City Centre, the Portobello area, and between i54 and the Science Park. More details will be brought to the next meeting.
    • d Wednesfield Road, a progress report on the improvements discussed during a site ride was requested, this will be provided at the next forum meeting.
  1. Wolves on Wheels

Mike Jenkins advised that the return of the Council Website page on cycling was welcome. Suggested it would be good to link to Bikeabilty page and have external links to British Cycling, CTC, Sustrans. Also a link to the WOW website for past Forum minutes.

  1. Sustrans

Investment being made in route 81
Autherley Junction, sign post with NCN towards the shires – missing believed stolen complete with post. SY to speak to HH.

  1. Cycling Promotion Event
    This was still under consideration


  1. Cyclist Training

WCC continues to train around 2,000 level 2 children per year, and an increasing number of level 3 (around 300)

  1. Any Other Business
    • a - Molineux – “wheel bender” cycle stands have been installed at the football stadium. Can Wolverhampton Wanderers be advised about some more preferable stands.
    • b - Tom Richards – some Girls High School students recently came on Bikeright course and found it a very positive experience. Possibility of contacting the school to arrange further training?
    • c - Wolverhampton Marathon expecting a lot of cyclist entrants this year.
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