The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 22th October 2014
6.30 pm



Paragraph numbers follow those of the Agenda (Annex A).

1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Julia Brant.

2. Attendance
Julia Brant (chair) (JB), David Wilson (minutes) (DW), Mike Jenkins (MJ), Chris Terrell (CT), Mike Hughes (MH), Steve Young (SY).
Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from: Steve Spencer, Rob Marris, Dave Clare, Ric Bravery.

3. Minutes of last AGM (16 October 2013)
The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters arising:
Covered in agenda items for this meeting.

4. Election of Officers
Campaign Chair: Chris Terrell (prop DW, sec JB)
Deputy Chair: JB (prop MJ, sec CT)
JB wished to step down as Chair due to outside commitments. It was agreed to revive the post of Deputy Chair to which JB was duly elected. She will provide backup if CT is unavailable.
DW proposed a vote of thanks to JB for her chairmanship, agreed by all.
Treasurer: (in absentia) Steve Spencer (prop JB, sec SY)
Secretary and Membership Secretary: David Wilson (prop JB, sec SY)
Publicity Officer: Steve Young (prop JB, sec MJ)

(5. no item)
6. Chair’s Report
This was delivered verbally by JB. The year could be considered under the headings: Major meetings, Members’ actions, General.
Major meetings: October 2013, Black Country Partner Engagement Group, Dudley. Attended by JB, DW, CT. The Centro Cycle Charter was discussed, and the input from WOW made a good impression.
January 2014, Scrutiny Panel, Wolverhampton. This included delivery of WOW’s strategic document in draft form.
May 2014, meeting with Centro and WCC on the proposed Metro extension.
September 2014, meeting on Metro extension which also included AeCom and Dave Holladay whose expert input was greatly appreciated.
Members’ actions: CT had led negotiations with WCC on the cycling safety problems at Wednesfield Road. This included site visits, and progress was being made on improving the infrastructure.
Strategy document: JB was investigating the lack of response so far from WCC on the document which was delivered in January.
City Centre / Public Realm: The efforts of various WOW members had led to some changes being made to WCC’s plan, which was also greatly reduced in scope for financial reasons.
Chair thanked members for their valuable contributions to these issues.
General: The current developments in WCC involving cuts in its staff and reduced scope of activity could provide an opportunity for WOW to take a more active role. However, this was also a time when WOW’s personnel resources were becoming more limited. More new members as well as greater activation of existing members would be very useful.

7. Treasurer’s Report
DW presented the financial statement for the year to 30 September 2014, which had been received from Steve Spencer. This was adopted (Annex B). DW holds originals of the financial statement with Treasurer’s and Auditor’s signatures, as well as the statement from Unity Trust Bank showing a balance of £506.39 at 30 September 2014.

8. Membership Secretary’s Report
DW reported that all due subscriptions for 2014 had been collected by the end of March 2014. Based on this, the current list shows 28 active/paid-up members and 9 lapsed. During the year, 3 new members had joined. Of these, 1 came in via the website, and 2 as Sustrans Rangers.

9. Review of subscription rates
No change.
10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, time, venue, frequency
A desire had been expressed to meet more frequently than every 3 months, possibly monthly, to discuss current issues. DW suggested that monthly meetings could be held, but only the quarterly ones (January, April, July, October) should be formal with agendas and minutes. Those in between could be informal and partly social, with one or two major and current items up for discussion each time, and no administrative procedures. Brief notes would be taken and posted on the WOW website. Different venues might be tried out. It was agreed to adopt this approach for the coming year. It was also agreed that meetings would now be held on the first Wednesday of the month to provide regularity. This would still be within one or two weeks of the next Forum, in the appropriate months.
In view of the late date of the AGM in October this year, it was agreed to skip November and hold the next (informal type) meeting on Wednesday 3rd December 2014. This would be at the Combermere Arms. There would be a more detailed notice nearer the time.

11. Campaigns and events for next season
JB proposed an overall heading to focus WOW’s activities:
“How can WOW best make an active response to the current political landscape and influence outcomes?”

The Campaign Meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

1. Minutes of last meeting (2 July 2014):
The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters Arising:
Meeting with Dave Holladay: DW had contacted WCC and the meeting had been held in September.
Cyclenation: Contact had been left in abeyance due to summer holidays. This can be taken up again if Cyclenation requests it.
Bus Station: SY had received a reply to his FOI request and was studying it for possible response.
New WOW flyer: CT presented his revised version. The new clearer design was approved.
Action: SY to send CT information on sources of low cost printing.
Wednesfield Road: CT had received design proposals from WCC and would continue to monitor progress.

2. Notification of Any Other Business
a. Open letter to Police & Crime Commissioner. (Dealt with in agenda item 6 – Correspondence).
b. Conduct of online discussions.

3. Infrastructure Issues: This was taken after 5. (See below)

4. WOW strategic document for Wolverhampton
There had been no response from WCC since the draft document was delivered at the Scrutiny Panel in January 2014.
Action: JB to ask Tim Philpot whether the strategic document is being used in progressing cycling policy in Wolverhampton.

5. Reports:
Cycle Forum:
MJ reported on the Cycle Forum meeting that had taken place the previous week. Topics included City Centre Public Realm Works, Midland Metro extension to the railway station and quieter cycle routes parallel to Ring Rd St John's.
Because of the low attendance no decisions were taken on the proposals that Tim Philpot made regarding the future running of the forum. One of these was that suggestions could be made on-line by members for Tim to compile the agenda from; it was asked if WoW would be able to provide this facility via their website.
This was felt to be unnecessarily complex and that a council email in-box, eg This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that Tim could access would suffice.
Action: MJ to contact Tim Philpot to make this suggestion, and to request list of forum dates for 2015.
MJ's full notes of the meeting will be made available on the members' section of the WoW website for reference pending the official minutes availability
Ranger group: SY has stepped down as group coordinator. His successor is Steve Arnold from within the group. DW suggested that Steve Arnold could usefully attend future WOW meetings, or send written input beforehand.
Publicity: SY reported that there were now 76 followers on Facebook and 676 on Twitter.

3. Infrastructure Issues
City Centre (Public Realm) and Metro Extension: Discussed briefly at Forum. Some more detail is in MJ’s full notes (WOW website).
Wednesfield Road: The latest information received by CT from Tim Philpot was on cycle infrastructure on Ring Road St Patricks.
Action: CT to post this on the WOW website.

6. Correspondence
Pushbikes (Birmingham) are proposing a joint open letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner. It was agreed that WOW would be a signatory but did not need to provide additional input.
CTC: A letter had been received by Steve Spencer and passed to DW. There is now a facility for members of affiliated groups to register as such and obtain increased benefits from CTC.
Action: DW to send details to WOW Membership.
Molineux: DW had received comments from Rob Marris on the sub-standard cycle parking. This had been in place for several years and there was no improvement despite repeated complaints.

7. Any other Business
Online discussions: MJ had raised concerns that sending e-mails back and forth could become an inefficient way of furthering discussion. However, it was agreed that consideration of an alternative method would be deferred until the introduction of monthly informal meetings had been tried out.

8. Next regular meeting

There would be an informal meeting on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 (see AGM minutes Para 10). The next regular campaign meeting (according to new arrangements) would be on Wednesday 7th January 2015. To be confirmed.










1. Agreement of Chair for meeting

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

3. Minutes of last AGM (16 October 2013): Accuracy and Matters Arising

4. Election of Officers

Campaign Chair



Membership Secretary

Publicity Officer

6. Chair’s Report

7. Treasurer’s Report

8. Membership Secretary’s Report

9. Review of subscription rates

10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, time, venue, frequency

11. Campaigns and events for next season


1. Minutes of last meeting (2 July 2014): Accuracy and Matters Arising

2. Notification of Any Other Business

3. Infrastructure issues:

City Centre (Public Realm)

Metro Extension (incl. meeting with Dave Holladay 3 September 2014)

Wednesfield Road

4. WOW strategic document for Wolverhampton

New developments if any

5. Reports:

Cycle Forum

Ranger group


6. Correspondence

7. Any other Business

8. Next regular meeting



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