Wolverhampton Cycle Forum
Thursday 22 January 2015, 6pm
Committee Room 1, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton
Access to Civic Centre via entrance nearest Ring Road




Minutes :

Present: Cllr Waite (Chair), Richard Preston (CRT), David Wilson (WOW), Jon Rice (WOW), Mike Jenkins (WOW), Chris Terrell (WOW), Jason Gwinett (WCC Public Health), Sara Taylor, Sandra Worrall, Sarah Canada, Tim Philpot (WCC Transportation)

1. Apologies Julia Brant, Tim Oldham, Henry Harbord, Michael Blackshaw, David Holman, Steve Young, Nick Squires, Chris Barker (departing from WCC), Jess Railton (departing from BikeRight! To be replaced by Lesley Easter)

2. Minutes of the last meeting (16 October 2014)


Under Item 6. Infrastructure it was noted that any requests for infrastructure enhancements could be forwarded to Tim Philpot.

3. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

Peel Street. Dropped Kerb crossing point, visibility limited by guardrail. Potential for confusion over proximity of one-way traffic flow. TP advised that he would look into marking the kerb to warn approaching pedestrians in which direction to look. In the medium term the plans for redeveloping the markets area may resolve the guardrail issue.

Bus routing through Sainsbury site. Consideration of such would have been a matter for the bus operators and Sainsbury. The store site is served by various nearby stops. Routing through the site would result in delays to onward services.

Wednesfield Road Improvements. Right turn lane from Ring Road is now done. Remainder of works approved as per report previously circulated are in the programme for 2014-15.

TP was reminded of a concern raised about traffic speed following the slip road from Chapel Ash into Raglan St. It was suggested that a speed reduction measure would be appropriate

4. City Centre Area Action Plan (Draft)

TP gave a brief summary of the draft City Centre Area Action Plan, which was now open for consultation, with a closing date of 27 February 2015.

This Plan is to guide the regeneration of the City Centre to 2026. As well as area within the Ring Road it extends to Five Ways, Canalside, Graiseley, Blakenhall, Chapel Ash and West Park. The priority for the Action Plan is to secure investment, jobs and regeneration.

The Plan considers policies covering a range of issues including shopping, workplaces, leisure, prosperity and character. It identifies distinct zones including the Canalside, shopping area, University, and Cultural Quarters with specific attributes.

Transport is identified as a significant factor, with public transport, walking and cycling, highway capacity and parking as the key issues.

WOW will be making the AAP the subject of informal meeting. The possibility of a collective response from the Forum was discussed. In view of the short time available Councillor Waite agreed to make a response on behalf of the Forum identifying the need for the AAP to align with the Acive Travel Strategy and other related initiatives.

5. Active Travel Strategy – update

TP advised the Forum that development of the Wolverhampton Active Travel Strategy was now underway with the appointment of consultatnts who would follow the process already set out. There would be a research phase which would develop the evidence base for the strategy, carry out an in-depth consultation exercise, and conduct an audit of exisiting infrastructure. From this the strategy would be developed, to include separate walking and Cycling Action Plans. TP stressed the importance of making the strategy robust as it would serve as a tool for future funding bids.

Questions were raised about the consultants’ direct experience of cycling. Reassurance was given that they had been chosen carefully for their suitability. The offer was made by WOW for the consultants to be accompanied on rides to view the existing infrastructure.

6. Infrastructure matters:-

City Centre Public Realm Works – TP advised that work was in progress and anticipated to be completed by September. Concerns were raised that the green surface used by Sainsbury was prone to rapid deterioration and so white markings overlaid tended to get quickly effaced. It was noted that motorists frequently flouted access restrictions and suggested that greater use of enforcement by ANPR and warden patrols might be appropriate.

Metro Extension - TP advised that the information circulated recently contained little that was new but affirmed that plans to exclude almost all motor traffic from Railway Drive and dedicate the northern footpath to cyclists were on course. CT asked if notes of the meeting held with Dave Holladay in September could be circulated. TP agreed to pursue this. It was suggested DH might make a useful consultee on the Active Travel Strategy.

Bilston Urban Village and environs – TP indicated that it would be useful for Simon Lucas (WCC Planning) to engage with the Forum over this.

Further to item 3 CT challenged the decision not to seek approval to convert the signal crossing across Deans Road at the junction with Wednesfield Road to a Toucan on the basis of insufficient width in the central refuge. He asked for an autotrack to be carried out to demonstrate the scope for widening the refuge. He also asked for an indication of the prospective completion date for the approved works.

7. Wolves on Wheels

WOW had contemplated how to support the Forum going forward. They felt it might be possible to offer a minute taker for the Forum meetings.

WOW suggested that the role of chair should be subject to an annual review in July with the option to change chair subject to agreement. As matters stand Jennifer Cromie is chair, it was suggested Cllr Waite should deputize in her absence, and failing him, the Chair of WOW to ensure meetings were chaired.

WOW offered to continue to maintain archive of Forum and suggested the establish of a diary of future dates. Suggested that a link from the Council website to WOW would add value. The above met with broad approval of the Forum.

It was noted that the Transport Direct journey planner had now been discontinued..

8. Sustrans

Steve Young is not liason ranger any more. It is understood his successor is Steve Arnold.

9. Canals & Rivers Trust

Richard Preston is taking over from John Harris. RP reported Coseley towpath works were largely complete, just some small elements to complete in warmer weather. He mentioned the scheme in the pipeline to improve the mainline Canal towpath surface from Aldersley Junction to lower Walsall St.

CT raised the poor surface on Wyrley & Essington canal towpath going towards Wednesfield., which presented problems for cycling, and visibility for pedestrians. Also poor signage on the Mainline canal between in the vicinity of Coseley. It was also asked whether any maintenance had been done on the Meccano Bridge.

10. Cycling Promotion

It was noted that New Cross Hospital had received a Bronze “Top Cycling Location” award

11. Cyclist Training

A report on this was circulated with the pre-meeting papers

12. Any Other Business

It was suggested that Richard Welch and Andrea Fieldhouse from WCC Public Health might be invited to engage with the Forum

The presence of bikes placed at the station bike-racks ostensibly as adverts to deter bike theft was queried. TP agreed to look into it.


Agenda :

1. Apologies
2. Minutes of the last meeting (16 October 2014)
3. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda
4. City Centre Area Action Plan
5. Active Travel Strategy - update
6. Infrastructure matters, including
- City Centre Public Realm Works
- Metro Extension
- Bilston Urban Village and environs
- Wednesfield Road
7. Wolves on Wheels
8. Sustrans
9. Canals & Rivers Trust
10. Cycling Promotion
11. Cyclist Training
12. Any Other Business

Reports :

Cycle Forum Report for Bikeability – September 2014 – January 2015

Cycle Training has slowed down for the winter throughout November with our final Level 1/2 sessions at the end of November. Level 3 sessions will carry on throughout the winter, weather permitting.

We will commence Level 1/ 2 cycle training again early March with a full training programme taking place through to the end of July.

We have received confirmation of our 2015/ 2016 grant from Bikeability of £82,720 to deliver 2068 Level 2/3 places. 2013/14 we delivered 1916 places, and are on course to achieve a similar value again this year.

Level 1 (off road) numbers trained = 382 Pupils.
Level 2 (on road) numbers trained = 216 Pupils.
Level 3 (complex on road) trained = 68 Pupils.
The above figures cover the period from September to December.

Executive Decision Notice - Transportation Miscellaneous

Full document, various locations & measures, 4.5MB. Including :


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