Wolverhampton Cycle Forum
Thursday 16th October 2014, 6pm

Committee Room, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Access to Civic Centre via entrance nearest Ring Road ( Round the back ).


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Wolverhampton Cycle Forum
Draft Agenda

Present: Mike Jenkins, Nicholas Squires, Dave Clare, San Worrall, Councillor Marin Waite, Jennifer Cromie (chair), Tim Philpot

1. Apologies: Win Sutton, John Harris, Steve Young, Julia Brant, Jess Railton, Sara Taylor, David Wilson, Chris Hopkins, Vic Turner, David Holman, Tim Oldham

2. Minutes of the last meeting (17 July 2014)

3. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

It was noted that at the dropped kerb crossing point on Peel St, visibility for and of people waiting to cross was obstructed by guardrail, and the risk inherent in this was exacerbated by approaching traffic being unexpectedly closer due to the one-way flow. TP agreed to report back.

Bus Companies are not serving the new Sainsbury site as expected, it was queried why they had not been routed through the site. TP agreed to report back.

An update was requested on the Wednesfield Road. TP advised the Ring Road markings were being progressed imminently, other aspects required approval and programming which was in progress. TP agreed to report back.

4. Nature of Cycle Forum in future

There was a frank discussion about the Cycle Forum. It was generally agreed that the Forum served an important purpose in providing a link between the Council and cyclists. It was generally thought desirable for the Forum to meet four times per year if possible. Areas for development were as follows:

Content: The business of the Forum could be more strongly influenced by the Forum Members. Suggestions were made about a discussion on “cycling and schools” and one on promoting accompanied rides.

Members should be reminded of upcoming meetings and encouraged to put matters forward.

Organisation: Meetings should be business-like, only lasting as long as they are needed and not becoming unduly preoccupied with fine detail or reopening previously discussed issues. A target finish time of 7.30 could be viable.

Issues of specific interest may be handled by “task & finish“ groups convened as necessary. The outcome of these can be fed back to the Forum.

It would ease production of minutes if people reporting on behalf of organisations would provide a brief note of their areas of contribution, either before or at the meeting. The WOW website now hosts the minutes, this is welcomed.

5. Active Travel Strategy

We are now engaged in the procurement process for selecting a consultant to support the development of our Active Travel Strategy. This project will take around a year to complete and is anticipated to produce clear action plans for walking and cycling.

6. Infrastructure matters

The City Centre Public Realm Works in Princess St/Market St/ Garrick St are now under way. It was observed that the contraflow lane had been expected to be 1.5 m. wide but appeared to be 1.2m

Midland Metro - members of WOW met with Council officers and representatives of Centro and AECOM, along with Dave Holladay of Tramsol. The meeting endorsed the approach being taken with regard to offering alternative routes to Pipers Row for cyclists, and for shared use facilities along Railway Drive.

Bilston (Urban Village & environs) Work is under way on the link between the Bypass and the High Street. Cycle facilities are proposed throughout the new housing development and additional linkages are under consideration. Simon Lucas (Planning) has offered to attend a small group meeting for interested parties to discuss what is currently envisaged. DC expressed interest

Ring Road St John’s – Funding has been secured to widen the Ring Road between Snow Hill and Penn Road junctions. This will resolve a point of conflict. Within this scheme a pedestrian/cycle crossing is proposed roughly between the church and the retail park. This is intended to connect to a shared use cycle way along the Ring Road footpath.

Bike/Rail Grant – The government has announced a grant for facilities to improve interface between cycling and rail travel. There is a very tight deadline for response but discussions are taking place with Centro and Virgin Trains over what scope this might offer.

7. Wolves on Wheels

The WOW meeting is not until next week. It is expected an item of business will be “Endorsing and Publicising the Tettenhall Local Plan”.

8. Sustrans

No report

9. Cycling Promotion

No discussion items
10. Cyclist Training

Sarah is now back from maternity leave on a part-time basis. The programme continues to achieve high numbers of trainees.

11. Any Other Business

There is some confusing signage in Railway Drive relating to the footpath closure. Can it be investigated please? TP agreed to investigate



  1. Apologies
  1. Minutes of the last meeting (17 July 2014)
  1. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda
  1. Nature of Cycle Forum in future
  1. Active Travel Strategy
  1. Infrastructure matters - City Centre Public Realm Works

- Midland Metro
- Bilston Urban Village and environs
- Capital Programme
- Ring Road St John’s
- Bike/Rail Grant

  1. Wolves on Wheels
  1. Sustrans
  1. Cycling Promotion
  1. Cyclist Training
  1. Any Other Business
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