The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 1st April 2015 
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance
Chris Terrell (chair) (CT); David Wilson (minutes) (DW); Mike Jenkins (MJ); Sheena Jenkins (SJ); Steve Young (SY); Julia Brant (JB); Jon Rice (JR); Chantal Savelkoul (visitor) (CS)
Received from: Steve Spencer; Sara Taylor.

3. Minutes of last meeting (7 January 2015)
Accuracy: Agreed as a true record.
Matters Arising:
All actions other than those below have been completed or superseded, and require no further comment.
Para 5: DW had corresponded with Dave Holladay, who had had no further contact with WCC but had visited Bilston Road to inspect the tramlines again. There had been no change since last time.
Para 5: CT had asked Tim Philpot about minutes from the September meeting with Dave Holladay. Tim had replied (and confirmed at the forum on 22nd January) that notes of the meeting were available. These have not been seen yet.
Para 7: SY and MJ had improved the WOW website to accommodate links from WCC’s website. Changes to the latter were still awaited.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
(DW) Labour Party election leaflet received in Penn.

4a Website and Publicity
This item belonging to Agenda Item 7 below was taken early, as SY had to leave the meeting partway through.
Website: SY reported that there were now 82 Facebook “Likes” and 749 followers on Twitter.
Draft newsletter compiled by Mike Hughes: This was appreciated by all and the content rated as high quality. The best means of distribution was likely to be online, with a small number of printed copies for strategic locations such as libraries. Further development to be discussed with Mike Hughes.

Action: SY intends to send a set of questions to election candidates (General and Council) as he had done for the last council elections.
WOW flyer: Action: After Easter, CT intends to seek and compare quotes for printing.

5. Infrastructure issues
City Centre (Public Realm):
When this project reaches its next stage (July?) WOW will have the opportunity to raise any outstanding issues.
Metro extension:
No new developments.
Wednesfield Road:
At the last forum (January), a plan had been mentioned to create a new shared use path further out (towards Neachells Lane).

6. Wolverhampton Active Travel Strategy (ATS)
There had been an engagement meeting led by Aecom and BikeRight (joint consultants) for a range of stakeholders. CT, JB and MJ had attended for WOW. Fewer stakeholders had attended than hoped, so syndicate work was reduced to two groups. For WCC, Tim Philpot had indicated that the health issue was a major driver for producing an ATS. Various stakeholders had given their views. MJ presented his document on cycle infrastructure which listed good and bad points in Wolverhampton. This had later been e-mailed to Beccy Marston (BikeRight).
The overall timescale envisaged is: Consultation of stakeholders April – May, draft report July, final report September.
Action: CT (with input from MJ) will e-mail Tim Philpot with requests concerning procedure for the rest of the ATS process, including timely provision of information before events are held.
Action: SY intends to submit a Freedom of Information question to ascertain the process used in appointing consultants.
The meeting agreed to adopt MJ’s document as WOW’s corporate response to the ATS at this stage.

7. Reports
Cycle Forum: MJ pointed out that WOW had undertaken to present its reports to future forums in writing beforehand, to facilitate the production of minutes.
Action: For the next forum, MJ will draft a WOW report and send to CT.
Ranger group: No report (there is still no group coordinator).
Treasurer: No report (treasurer absent).
Membership: DW reported that since January, two new members had joined from the website. More 2015 subscriptions had been collected, to be passed to the treasurer. Four subscriptions remain unpaid, which DW will follow up.
Website and publicity: See 4a. above for SY’s report.
MJ suggested that WOW should have business cards as well as a flyer.
Action: CT will draft a design.
8. Correspondence
From now on, JB will forward to CT all e-mail correspondence received by her for “chair”, rather than just keeping a watching brief as formerly agreed.

9. Any other Business
DW had received a Labour election leaflet for Penn which included a cycling feature.

10. Next meetings (informal and campaign)
Next informal meeting: Wednesday 6 May (suggested venue: New Hampton).
Action: JR to check out venue.
Suggested topic: How to concentrate on solutions rather than problems in cycle campaigning. (Suggested by visitor CS).
Informal meeting: Wednesday 3 June; Campaign Meeting: Wednesday 1 July.

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