Wolverhampton Cycle Forum
Thursday 16 April 2015, 6pm
Committee Room 1, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton
Access to Civic Centre via entrance nearest Ring Road




Minutes :

Minutes from WCC 15/07/2015

Notes taken by a WoW Member can be found here ( member login required ).

Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Notes of Meeting

Thursday 16 April 2015, 6pm

Committee Room 1, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Attendance: Mike Jenkins (WOW) Beccy Marston (BikeRight!) Lea Ruzic (AECOM) Jon Rice (WOW) Chris Terrell (WOW) Carol Bailey, Matthew Henderson (FOE) Tim Philpot (WCC)

1. Apologies: Jason Gwinett, Julia Brant, Councillor Waite, David Wilson, Lesley Easter, Dave Holman

2. Active Travel Strategy (ATS) - update

Development of Wolverhampton’s ATS will involve various stages including establishment of an evidence base, comprehensive consultation, audit of existing infrastructure, production of strategies for walking and cycling and respective action plans.

Successful bidders URS AECOM have co-opted BikeRight! (BR) to support development of the ATS brought in view of their expertise gained through delivery of cycling services and their local knowledge. BR is essentially a cyclist training organisation which set up in Manchester and now has offices in Birmingham and Liverpool. BR is currently working with Centro on the Smart Network Smarter Choices Programme, delivering cyclist instruction, bike maintenance training, and working with businesses. 7000 cycle activities were delivered by BR in the last year. These included Instructor training, mechanics courses, maintenance contracts and Bikeability.

BR have strong experience in community engagement. Stakeholder consultation.has been initiated with a meeting focussing on the needs of cyclists. A range of questions were considerered covering infrastructure, health agenda, culture change, cycling and walking opportunities. These have been circulated to Forum members. Further comments are welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
particularly from people who did not attend the stakeholder meeting.

CT emphasised the need for fully coherent and complete safe cycle routes, designed for low levels of skill and confidence.

It was noted that the radio programme, “Costing the Earth” had recently taken cycling as its theme. Salient points regarding this were that rider training needed to target parents as well as their children. An interviewee had found health, cultural and social benefits from cycling.

MJ said that there was no “one size fits all” solution, but that different places had different needs

BM noted that an early task for the ATS was to identify target markets and trip generators.

TP said that the purpose of the Audit of Infrastructure was to identify i) the fitness for purpose of what exists, and ii) what is needed but missing

CT agreed to put notice of the consultation on the WOW website.

There was a discussion about how best to collect views of cyclists

CB said that the Workplace Challenge promoted by Sport England might provide a good vehicle for this, but unfortunately the Black Country Be Active Partnership was one of the few not signed up to it. TP said he would look into that.

It was suggested Canal & River Trust might be conducting a survey, TP to look into. TP also suggested the possibility of setting up an online survey that route users could be alerted to and fill in at their leisure.

MH Asked what experience BR had of dealing with cycling solutions in a place like Wolverhampton.

CT asked if they were doing any work on assessing wider benefits arising from cycling.

MH would like to see more waking to school initiatives. CT advised lots of children walk or cycle to Pool Hayes School. Wanted to know if there were ways to collect school travel info, also how to collect data on cyclists on pavements. TP advised that data on school journeys was less widely available since it ceased to be a required question in the annual school census. Also that cycle counters were able to monitor passage of cycles on pavements

3. Minutes of the last meeting (16 October 2014)

These were considered an accurate record

4. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

Peel St – “Look left” markings have been placed at the crossing point between Sainsbury and the Market to alert pedestrians to the one-way traffic flow. Further improvements may be possible as the redevelopment of the Market Square progresses

City Centre Area Action Plan - WOW had a meeting and made a response to the consultation, plus individual responses were made.

Public Realm Lichfield St. New bus stops being installed on the Art Gallery side may conflict with the original public realm plans for a contraflow cycle route. TP to report back to next Forum

WoW now have diary of future dates. A link to the Council webpage has been suggested: TP to check with IT on progress.

CT asked about progress on implementing improvements on Wednesfield Road. TP advised that the Transportation Service had a severe shortage of staffing at the moment and the officer responsible for Road Safety was new into post. There will be an update on this at the next meeting.

5. Chair of Forum

It was agreed a letter should go to Jennifer Cromie, the outgoing chair thanking for her commitment over many years to the Forum. After a discussion it was agreed that TP would approach Councillor Waite as the next chair.

6. Managing Short Trips (MST) programme

MST has funding for the period 2015-18. Around £1.5 million for Wolverhampton to be supplemented by funds from CRT and Section 106. The projects this will deliver are:

Mainline Canal towpath surfacing Aldersley Junction to Lower Walsall Street
City Centre improvements including shared use routes and ring road crossing improvements
Moseley Park cycle route network centred on Moseley Park School
Cycle Route i54 to Bentley Bridge and Science Park

Additional funding may be available through this programme

7. Wolves on Wheels

New members have been signed up, additional FaceBook likes have been received, increased number of twitter followers. The format of one formal meeting each quarter and then 2 informal meetings appeared successful. Recent topics of discussion had included City Centre Area Action Plan. WOW has sent representation to the engagement meeting for the ATS. Mike sent out document. A recent visitor from Netherlands gave insight into the normalisation of cycling as a mode of travel in that country. Interest was expressed in whether WOW would be seeking commitment from local councillors again in the run-up to the elections.

8. Canals & Rivers Trust

Richard Preston responded very positively to a survey of Wyrley & Essington canal towpath route provided by CT.

9. Any Other Business

MJ Re. new Sainsbury site: i) can the ring road cycle lane be extended from the toucan to Raglan Street? TP advised this was under consideration. ii) Edging stones put along border of the cycle lane, what are they for? iii) Traffic reported turning too fast from Chapel Ash into Raglan Streeet, speed limiting measure requested.

On behalf of Julia Brant, noticed new cycle lane on Market St blocked off with plastic barrier.

Credit given to Staffs CC for rapid response to dangerous pothole on way to Trysull. Reccomended used of Fillthathole.website.

TP agreed to follow up on these issues.


Agenda :

1. Apologies
2. Active Travel Strategy - update
3. Minutes of the last meeting (16 October 2014)
4. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda
5. Chair of Forum
6. Managing Short Trips programme
7. Wolves on Wheels
8. Sustrans
9. Canals & Rivers Trust
10. Any Other Business


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