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Email from TP 08/01/205 :

Dear Forum Member

You may recall previous discussions regarding the Metro Extension and the accommodation of cyclists. The strategic approach to this is illustrated in the attached document App A. Key parts of this are the creation of cycle facilities along Railway Drive and the southern side of Bilston Street. Design work is progressing on this project, and I wanted to keep you in the picture although there is not a lot of new information.

Ultimately the access to the station for all motor traffic except Metro will be via Corn Hill. Cyclists will be able to access the station along a facility on the northern footpath of Railway Drive. We will aim to retain the width that already exists and I understand the bollards will no longer be required The Metro will arrive and depart along Railway Drive as shown in the second attachment. By special arrangement large service vehicles which are too big to be turned in the space available at the station will be allowed to exit along Railway Drive but no other traffic will be permitted to do so. As part of the means of ensuring this, the intention is to extend the kerb line as shown on the north-eastern corner of the junction of Lichfield St/Pipers Row/Railway Drive. Passage through the junction for cyclists going from Lichfield Street to the station would seem fairly straightforward, but I have sought technical advice on how the reverse movement could best be accommodated. It seems to me a lot will depend on the phasing of signals at this junction but we have not yet reached that point.

If you have any comments on this matter I will read them with interest.


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App A WCCE ADG 212 C02 Cycle Strategy 02 sml

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