Wolverhampton Cycle Forum 
Thursday 16 July 2015, 6pm
Committee Room 2, Members’ Suite, Third Floor Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton
Access to Civic Centre via entrance nearest Ring Road

Shared Use Railway Drive

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Agenda :

1. Apologies
2. Chair of Forum
3. Minutes of the last meeting (16 October 2014)
4. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda
5. Active Travel Strategy - update
6. Infrastructure projects:
Metro Extension
City Centre Public realm
Managing Short Trips programme
Wednesfield Road
Bee Lane
7. Wolves on Wheels
To include Chapel Ash Island, Upkeep of cycle route signs and markings
8. Sustrans
9. Canals & Rivers Trust
10. Any Other Business


Present: Chris Terrell, San Worrall, Win Sutton, Sgt Passmore, Tim Philpot, Mike Jenkins, Dave Clare, Dave Wilson, Steve Young, Jon Rice

1. Apologies: Councillor Waite, Richard Preston, Henry Harbord, Chris Hopkins

2. Chair of Forum

Following previous discussions Councillor Waite agreed to become the chair of the Cycle Forum. Regrettably he was not able to attend on this occasion so as previously agreed the role of chair for this meeting was passed to the chair of Wolves on Wheels, Chris Terrell.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (16 July 2015)

These were reviewed and considered accurate.

4. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

It was noted that the weblink from WCC cycling page to Wolves on Wheels site had now been created.

5. Active Travel Strategy (ATS) - update

TP explained that the ATS was progressing well.

A public consultation process was under way principally using a questionnaire both promoted online and carried out face to face at the City Show. This seeks to elicit people’s existing travel habits, their propensity to consider active travel and the barriers they foresee in doing so.

In the meantime an audit of existing infrastructure had been started to identify what was currently in place, and what needed to be done to create a coherent and comprehensive network for walking and cycling. Specific sites were being visited by consultants working on the ATS and Chris Hopkins, an experienced cyclist and instructor who carries out route risk assessments for the council’s cyclist training programme.

In order to promote the strategy when adopted, a brand had been created and a cycling “champion” was being sought to provide a media focus. Approval for these was expected over the Summer.

This information was received positively. It was suggested however that care should be taken that the consultation reached communities representative of the whole of Wolverhampton. There was concern that the kinds of places and routes being used to promote the consultation would only reach certain communities. TP agreed that this needed consideration.

6. Infrastructure projects:

Metro Extension. TP advised that there had been some revision of the Metro Extension plans, the most significant of which was for there to be shared use cycle/pedestrian paths on both sides of Railway Drive rather than just on the north side as previously suggested. The stated reason for this was that the Metro must pass over the middle of the bridge and so it was not possible to create a wide single route on the north side as previously thought.

DW noted that a key factor for cyclists was for rail crossing points to be as close to perpendicular as possible. SY noted that some concerns remained about the extent to which cyclists’ needs were met by the current Metro Extension plans, and the likelihood of cyclists and pedestrians being forced into conflict. TP advised that a meeting had been called for Monday 27 July at 4pm to discuss upcoming infrastructure developments including Metro, and that representatives of Centro and AECOM would attend this.

City Centre Public Realm. Work continues on the market Street/Garrick Street/Princess St route which will ultimately reduce and limit motor traffic movements in that area and provide better quality pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure.

It was noted that the work appeared to be taking a long time to complete. TP could not comment on this. It was noted that currently it was not clear whether cyclists were permitted in the pedestrian area. TP agreed to look into this.

Canalside. TP advised that work was under way to develop the Canalside Quarter. A new University development was to open on the site of the Springfield Brewery and a mix of commercial and residential development was projected for the Mainline Canal corridor up to Horseley Fields including the “Banana Yard”. The canal towpath is to be upgraded as part of the Managing Short Trips programme and consideration is being given to lighting of that area. Further improvements to the pedestrian and cycling infastructure are being considered in the light of housing regeneration nearby in Heath Town.
Managing Short Trips programme. This has funding of £1.6 million from the Local Growth Fund. Schemes programmed to be delivered are i) Canal Towpath improvement Aldersley Junction to Dixon Street, ii) City Centre network improvements including shared use footways on the ring road and more, better crossing facilities, iii) Network of cycle routes connecting Moseley Park School to all parts of the local area, and iv) a cycle route connecting i54 to Bentley Bridge and the Science Park.

Wednesfield Road/Way. CT asked for progress report on the delivery of improvements previously agreed. TP explained that the extended shared use paths on Wednesfield Way were still programmed for this financial year. Further consideration was being given to options at the junction with Deans Road to try to create a continuous route to the City Centre.

Bee Lane. A cycle route has now been extended along Bee Lane as part of developments relating to i54. The route has been monitored for 12 months prior to implementation and will be monitored for a further period of time to assess what impact there has been on numbers of cyclists.

7. Wolves on Wheels

WOW is working to improve contact with potential members. Had a presence at the City Show and distributed a new leaflet. Undertaking Bike Maintenance with “Bikeshed”
Have contributed to the Active Travel Strategy development and engaged in other consultations including the City Centre Area Action Plan.
Making use of Twitter and Facebook to promote WOW.

8. Sustrans

A new ranger has been appointed and is currently doing area co-ordinator training. A Wolerhampton area meeting will follow.

TP was asked what progress there was in delivering the improved signage for NCN81 identified in the schedule provided by SY some time ago. TP advised he considered this was an appropriate project to be resourced under the Managing Short Trips programme and would advise the next meeting on when this could be delivered.

9. Canals & Rivers Trust

The question was raised as to how and when CRT would notify users in the event of towpath closures in the light of upgrade work mentioned during the meeting. TP agreed to look into it.

10. Any Other Business

MJ said that the scheme to reduce speed on the Finchfield Road appeared to have been unsuccessful, while making life less safe for cyclists. He asked if there was comparative “before and after” data. It was suggested the width of refuges may be inappropriate. TP advised he would look into this.

CT asked how effective the Bus Lane cameras were being at deterring transgressions. TP advised that is was at an early stage and there was a period of notification rather than penalisation when they were introduced but the ongoing effect would be montored. It was noted that enforcement of other restricted locations would be useful particulary those in the City Centre. It was queried whetehr the bus lanes had the correct signage to permit cyclists to pass through.

DC advised he had expected further invitations to the Centro Stakeholder Engagement Group for the Black Country but had not received any.



Cycle Forum Report for Bikeability – April 2015 – July 2015

Cycle Training has just been through its busiest months and shortly due to come to a close as schools are breaking up for the Summer Holidays. Training will re-commence in September 2015.

We are running 4 weeks of Bikeability Holiday Courses in August. Courses on offer are Level 1/ 2 Sessions, Leisure rides, Level 3 Sessions and Cycle Fun Days. All sessions are run from Aldersley Leisure Village.

Level 1 (off road) numbers trained = 369 Pupils (July Figures not complete yet).

Level 2 (on road) numbers trained = 846 Pupils (July Figures not complete yet).

Level 3 (complex on road) trained = 118 Pupils (July Figures not complete yet).

Whit Week Holiday Courses:
2 x Level 1/2 Courses/ Leisure Rides = 8 children
1 x Cycle Fun Day = 8 children

Deansfield High Dr Bike Day - 43 children took part



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