The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 7th October 2015
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance
Chris Terrell (chair)(CT), David Wilson (minutes)(DW), Steve Spencer (SS), Nick Squires (NS).

Apologies for Absence
Received from: Julia Brant, Mike Jenkins, Ric Bravery.

3. Minutes of last AGM (22 October 2014)
The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters Arising:
Covered under the agenda of this meeting.

Reports (6-8) were taken before the election of officers.

6. Chair’s Report
There was no written report. CT reported to the meeting as follows: His first year as Chair had been positive, but progress was slow. Opportunities for links with other groups had arisen (see Para 11 below). WOW’s views were being listened to, but not always by those with the most influence. WOW would need to find ways of using its levers more effectively.

7. Treasurer’s report
SS presented the audited end of year accounts at 30 September 2015. The bank balance stands at £427.20. The accounts were adopted by the meeting. DW holds copies of the financial statement with Treasurer’s and Auditor’s signatures, as well as the statement at 30 September 2015 from Unity Trust Bank.

8. Membership Secretary’s Report
DW had completed collection of 2015 subscriptions. Two members not responding had been moved to the “lapsed” list. Two new members had joined via the website. There are currently 28 members on the main list.

4. Election of Officers
Campaign Chair: Chris Terrell (prop SS, sec DW). DW also proposed a vote of thanks for CT’s first term as Chair. (The post of Deputy Chair, revived in 2014, was left in abeyance as it was not clear whether JB would continue or Mike Jenkins would take over, both being absent).
Treasurer: Steve Spencer (prop DW, sec CT).
Secretary and Membership Secretary: David Wilson (prop CT, sec NS).
Publicity Officer: (in absentia) Steve Young (prop CT, sec DW) (To be confirmed).

9. Review of subscription rates
These remain unchanged but the meeting agreed that expenditure will be monitored.

10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, time, venue, frequency
The new practice introduced in 2014 of holding informal meetings in the months between quarterly campaign meetings had been a success. The profile of these meetings could be raised (especially on the website) as it was felt this may be a better starting point for prospective new members.

11. Campaigns and events for next season
CT presented three main activities which could be a focus for WOW in the coming year.
1. Building bridges. CT had attended some events during the past year where other cycling groups were evidently promoting similar aims. (For example: Bike Shed). It would be extremely useful to set up regular links with such organizations.
Action: CT will post on the website listing potential partners.
2. Attracting new members. This should be done more actively. Promotion of WOW could be increased by traditional methods, such as placing the new flyers in as many sites as possible (branch libraries etc.), and its image needs to be more friendly towards a target audience, especially online.
3. Developing the look and structure of the website to be more readily usable and attractive. (To be discussed further with Steve Young).



1. Minutes of last meeting (1 July 2015):
Accuracy: Agreed a true record.
Matters Arising:
5. Infrastructure. The work in Princess Street had been raised at the forum. The work now taking place in Garrick Street is also of concern, and it is hoped to receive some answers to these questions.
6. City show. CT had met people from BikeRight.
7. Advertising in “Express and Star”: Awaiting information on prices.

2. Notification of Any Other Business
a. West Midlands ITA Strategic Transport Plan. (DW)
b. CTC conference 10 October. (CT)
c. Birmingham cycle routes. (SS)

3. Infrastructure issues
Metro Extension: The latest information received shows shared use lanes on both sides of Railway Drive, and removal of bollards.
Active Travel Strategy: From the engagement event on 17th September it is evident that infrastructure changes will be involved. The ideas are good in terms of future action. The ATS report is currently before the Council for draft approval. The prospects appear positive and the views of users are being heeded.

4. WOW strategic document for Wolverhampton
There is nothing further to report at this stage. It was not raised at the Forum.

5. Reports:
Cycle Forum: No minutes have yet been received from the Forum on 16th July. CT reported from his own notes: All the current infrastructure issues are continuing. Work on canal towpaths (eg. Aldersley) is starting in October. Cycle routes are being audited (most used, short trips). At Wednesfield Road, work is due to start at the railway bridge end, and further measures are being planned. An effective way to get action on signage problems is to contact City Direct. The Police reported on progress in traffic enforcement in the city centre.
Ranger group: No report. There is currently no coordinator in post.
Publicity: No detailed report in the absence of Steve Young. CT had done some promoting and networking at events (See AGM Para 11).

6. Correspondence
An email from CTC (passed to DW by David Holman) details their overhaul of contacts with affiliated groups. This has been passed to CT who will follow it up.

7. Any other Business
a. West Midlands ITA Strategic Transport Plan. A current consultation runs until 16th October. DW had received this as circulated by Tim Philpot to Forum members. DW had submitted a response to the “three key questions”.
Action: DW to circulate to WOW membership. (Done on 8 October).
b. CTC Conference. This is on 10th October in Warwick. CT may be attending.
c. Birmingham cycle routes. SS brought to the meeting a leaflet from 2014 showing that Birmingham’s “Cycle Revolution” includes high profile cycle routes on main roads.
d. Near Miss Project. CT is taking part in this and will post information on the website.

8. Next regular meeting
Two informal meetings are expected on Wednesdays 4th November and 2nd December, with the next full campaign meeting on Wednesday 6th January 2016. All to be confirmed.

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