Deadline for responses is Tuesday, 22 March, 1145pm (2345)


I plan to send in an email summarising a few general points as a group response but will also submit an individual response on a personal basis. These are essentially:

  1. the core conditions of the franchise should include an explicit requirement [not just 'encouragement'] on the franchisee to make adequate provision for people to travel easily, without need for reservations or extra fees, with full-sized bikes on all services.

  2. Since rail privatisation, provision for cycle carriage has deteriorated, this is in contrast to the previous ease of when trains had the large “guards' van” compartment for all sorts of bulky luggage. Train designs with a similarly easily accessible space for cycles and other items should be introduced.

  3. The simpler it is made for people to travel with bikes, as well as improving facilities for storage and hire at stations, the more people are enabled to travel healthily and sustainably. This will improve access to employment opportunities, overcome a significant barrier to travel for those in difficult economic circumstances to access jobs and education. It will reduce the need for car use for many journeys in the franchise area and facilitate gaining the benefits to health, environment and economy that are repeatedly stated in the Consultation document.

Any additional points or comments on these should be emailed to me direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible please so I can include them in my email.  Thanks.

Chris Terrell

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