The Newhampton Inn
17 Riches Street
Wolverhampton WV6 0DW
Wednesday 6th January 2016
6.30 pm


This meeting was postponed from 6th January 2016.

1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance
Chris Terrell (CT) (Chair); David Wilson (DW) (Minutes); Mike Jenkins (MJ); Steve Young (SY); Nick Squires (NS).

Apologies for Absence
Received from: Julia Brant; Steve Spencer

3. Minutes of last meeting (7 October 2015, Campaign Meeting part only)
Accuracy: The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters Arising:
Para 6: The e-mail received from CTC (via David Holman) about updating members’ contacts is no longer held by CT.
Action: DW to look for this and forward again to CT.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Funding for Cycling debate in Parliament (CT)
West Midlands rail franchise consultation (CT)
Surveying stations for numbers of cyclists traveling with bikes on trains (CT)

5. Infrastructure issues:
City Centre (Public Realm): Princess Street/Market Street is nearly completed, and the cycle contraflow is now clearer with green tarmac and signage.
Metro extension: The recently received information from Sheffield about bike/tram incident reporting tools is relevant to this. CT is keeping in touch.
Action: SY knows of plans for a meeting on a possible reporting tool for the West Midlands. He will report back when there is further news.
Wednesfield Road: No further developments.

6. Wolverhampton Active Travel Strategy
The final Cabinet document retains most of the draft on which WOW had already commented in November. Some points made by WOW have been included. The overall aspirations are good, although currently presented in broad terms. A topic for a future WOW informal meeting is likely to be the extraction of specific points from the ATS document to refer to in further negotiations with the Council.

7. Reports:
Cycle Forum: The meeting thanked MJ for his unofficial minutes. There was further discussion of improvements to forum organization. Firstly, the provision of written reports in advance from groups attending the forum, as suggested by Tim Philpot, was working well for WOW. Secondly, a chair for each meeting is ensured by having Cllr.Waite as main chair with deputies available from WOW or other attendees. Thirdly, timely production of minutes was still a problem. Receiving minutes a few days before the next meeting three months later was not acceptable; unofficial notes by MJ for use by WOW were a great help, but a way of ensuring availability of forum minutes would be preferable. WOW’s offer to take forum minutes at meetings had not been taken up.
Action: SY undertook to approach his local Councillor to investigate increased resource support for the forum. (This will be copied to Cllr. Waite).
Ranger group: A new Midlands volunteer coordinator is expected soon, Lisa Hartley having left the post. The Wolverhampton group is still without a coordinator.
Treasurer: No report.
Membership: Up to now DW had collected three 2016 subscriptions. At the meeting two more were paid.
Website and publicity: SY reported that WOW now has 891 followers on Twitter and 94 likes on Facebook.

8. Correspondence
None other than shown in Agenda items.

9. Any other Business
(1) (CT) The parliamentary debate on funding for cycling had taken place earlier in the day. CT had followed it online and submitted comments on Twitter. These can be found under #funding 4cycling
(2) (CT) West Midlands rail franchise consultation. Deadline for responses on the Government website is 22nd March. Individual responses are encouraged. The possibility of a WOW group response may be discussed at the next informal meeting.
(3) (CT) Surveying stations. Cyclenation and Sustrans want to collect data on numbers of cyclists trying to get bikes onto trains.
Action: CT will obtain more information with a view to participating.
(4) (MJ, SY) The results of the NHT satisfaction survey had been received by cycle forum members. The results seem somewhat inconclusive.

10. Next meetings (informal and campaign)
Wednesday 2 March: Informal meeting at the Chindit, 7.30 pm.
Wednesday 6 April: Campaign meeting at the Combermere, 6.30 pm.
These will be confirmed by calling notices from the Secretary.

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