The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 8th June 2016
6.30 pm

Meeting postponed from 6th April 2016 and 4 May 2016

1. Agreement of Chair for meeting:
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance:
Chris Terrell CT (Chair); David Wilson DW (Minutes); Steve Spencer SS; Mike Jenkins MJ; Jon Rice JR; Julia Brant JB; Steve Young SY; Harinder Aujla HA (new member).

Apologies for Absence:
Received from: Ric Bravery.

3. Minutes of last meeting (3 February 2016):
The minutes were agreed as a true record.
Matters Arising:
Para 3: DW had forwarded the CTC email on updating members’ details to CT. It was noted that CTC is now called “Cycling UK”.
Para 5 Reporting tool for West Midlands: SY indicated that there had been no further progress.
Para 7 Funding for Forum: No further information.
Para 9 Surveying railway stations: CT will carry this forward.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
(MJ) Bike Week
(SY) Financial assistance for students

5. Infrastructure issues:
City Centre (Public Realm)
Discussion was about this project and other related city centre issues. A proposed toucan crossing at Snow Hill/Ring Road St Johns appeared problematic especially regarding barriers. SY was gathering evidence on several infrastructure sites for the “Connecting Places” study. CT reported that conditions on the cycle lane and contraflow in Princess Street were gradually improving. He intended to raise questions at the next Forum (19th July 2016) about completion of the City Centre Public Realm. WOW members are requested to email CT with any issues they wish to have raised.

Metro extension
No new developments were known. The need to focus on problems for cyclists would be stressed at the Forum. It seemed likely that “Metro Extension” would become subsumed in the complex of issues around “Transport Interchange”, as the plans for the new railway station have now been made public.

Wednesfield Road
Improvements were proceeding gradually.

6. WOW corporate responses:
West Midlands Rail Franchise Consultation
The WOW response submitted by CT was approved.
Cycling and Walking investment strategy (CWIS)
The WOW response, also submitted by CT, was approved. It was not yet clear whether the Government’s CWIS would produce real action or remain an aspiration.

7. Relations with media (Twitter, press)
The recent difficulties caused by posts on Twitter and uptake by the media were discussed. Isolated items on Twitter taken out of context were acknowledged as dangerous. A better approach would be for SY as website officer to follow twitter accounts only, without posting major items. CT as chair will now undertake more of the correspondence.
Action: CT will email Tim Philpot and keep him informed of WOW’s opinions and recommendations, which are always made with careful discussion in a meeting context. All WOW’s public statements are intended to be constructive.

8. Wolverhampton Active Travel Strategy (ATS)
MJ indicated that the likely removal of cycle parking stands at Heantun House when it is demolished could not be considered as in the spirit of the ATS. The meeting considered that any endangered cycle parking hardware should be saved and re-used at other sites.

9. Beat The Street initiative
This had been a notable success. MJ suggested that WOW might enter a team at any future event. (Note: A team needs 25 members). He also had some maps from the previous event which were available.

10. Reports:
Cycle Forum: It was noted with satisfaction that the minutes from the last forum (April) were produced more quickly than on previous occasions. The next forum will be on Tuesday 19th July (change of date), and WOW members are requested to send any issues to CT to be raised (see also Para 6 above).
Ranger group: The Sustrans West Midlands coordinator who recently started, Donna Norford, is leaving already, after only a short time in the job. Wolverhampton still has no coordinator. SY understands from Tim Philpot that an audit of NCN Route 81 is being undertaken. DW intends to resign as a Sustrans ranger later this year.
Treasurer: The current bank balance (at 4 June 2016) is ## see original document ##
Membership: A new member, Harinder Aujla, was welcomed to WOW at this meeting. DW reported that the practice of Sustrans rangers automatically becoming WOW members seemed to have faded out, as new rangers are tending not to join WOW when offered. There were still 5 members due to pay a subscription for 2016 who had not yet done so.
Website and publicity: SY reported that WOW now has 969 followers on Twitter and 95 likes on Facebook.

11. Correspondence
None reported other than covered in agenda items.

12. Any other Business
(CT) John Ray of Bushbury PACT went with CT to look at the Bee Lane route. On the proposed new i54 route, CT suggested that it would be more effective to improve facilities on Stafford Road.
(MJ) Bike Week: Only one event is known so far. Any other events can be sent direct to Bike Week online (Google to find site).
(JB) A recent planning application for development of a private plot of land at Stubbs Road/Penn Road, which had been refused, demonstrates that there can be cycling implications for any new developments large or small.
(SY) There is now a Student Travel Fund of £1.2 million. New students may receive £300 to assist with public transport, but there appears to be nothing for cycling. Also, travel funding can be diverted to accommodation. WOW needs to send a letter to the University questioning whether this is in line with green credentials.
Action: SY will draft a letter and pass to CT.

13. Next meetings (informal and campaign)
As this campaign meeting had already been postponed twice from April, DW suggested that another full campaign meeting in July (as scheduled) would be inappropriate. It was agreed that the next campaign meeting (with AGM) would be in October.
Informal meetings can be held in July, August or September (to be confirmed).


The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 8th June 2016
6.30 pm

Meeting postponed from 4 May 2016

1. Agreement of Chair for meeting:
Chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance:
Chris Terrell CT (Chair); David Wilson DW (Minutes); Steve Spencer SS (Treasurer); Mike Jenkins MJ; Julia Brant JB; Steve Young SY; Harinder Aujla HA.
The meeting was declared quorate in accordance with the Wolves On Wheels constitution.
Apologies for Absence:
Apology received from Ric Bravery.

3. The meeting heard and discussed the following background provided by Treasurer (Steve Spencer):
. I have received notification by letter of 31 March 2016 from our Bank, Unity Trust Bank, that as of 4th June 2016 there will be an imposed monthly charge on our account of £6 per month. I suggest to the WOW Comittee that, since this represents 50% or more of our annual income, WOW cannot support such a charge. I have been in touch with my own Bank, The Cooperative Bank with a Branch in Dudley Street, Wolverhampton, and they offer FREE banking on their “Community Directplus” account.

4. Three motions were proposed, seconded, voted upon, and adopted:
a) Wolves on Wheels Campaign Committee decides to transfer all of its banking operations from the Unity Trust Bank plc to The Cooperative Bank plc, including the closure of its account with Unity Trust and opening of a “Community Directplus” Account with The Cooperative Bank and the transfer of all funds to the new Cooperative Bank account. It authorises the current Secretary and Treasurer to undertake this operation.
Proposed SS; Seconded DW.

b) The Wolves on Wheels Campaign Committee nominates the following three people to have authority to transact on the account : Stephen Hugh Spencer (Treasurer), David Wilson (Secretary), and Chris Terrell (Chair).
Proposed SS; Seconded JB. br />

c) Any one of the authorised signatories may pay in monies to the Cooperative Bank Account and any two of the authorised signatories shall sign cheques and other instruments to withdraw money from the Cooperative Bank Account.
Proposed SS; Seconded MJ.

5. Any other Business

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