wmp cyclist overtake

West Midlands Police Traffic Unit have realised that rather than safety advertising campaigns,

"Our time and effort, we have quickly realised, is better spent enforcing the law and prosecuting, thus creating a scenario whereby should someone not give a cyclist the time and space necessary or fail to see them completely they should expect to be prosecuted. In other words the carrot goes out the window and in comes the stick."


"If drivers expect to be prosecuted for committing offences they suddenly stop committing them, unsurprising correlation I know but it’s the truth."

"Drivers need to expect a zero tolerance approach for any offence involving a vulnerable road user, or an offence that could contribute to a collision involving a vulnerable road user."

With this in mind, they have started targeting selected locations in Birmingham with undercover police cyclists looking for close overtakes ( less than 1.5m ).



The initiative has since been reinforced with the news that at least 14 motorists have been passed prosecution notices using helmet-cam footage sent in by members of the public.

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