A West Midlands bid has been submitted to the Department for Transport's Access Fund competition, developed by the WMCA as part of a consortium which includes the West Midlands metropolitan authorities and Warwickshire CC.

The revenue bid links to proposed LEP schemes, and includes :

  • Offer support to employers to improving accessibility to active travel modes
  • 10,000 cycle training participants and access to 3,000 subsidised bikes for employee commuting trips
  • Active travel promotion at rail stations and Metro stops
  • Work with individuals seeking employment and educational/training opportunities to help broaden their travel horizons

If the bid is successful the project has calculated that savings would include £26.9m in congestion, alongside a mortality benefit of £25.6m, both based over 10 years. The total project is costed at £14.3m spread over 3 years.

More info on the WMCA website

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