The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 5th October 2016
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance
Chris Terrell (Chair)(CT), David Wilson (Minutes) (DW), Julia Brant (JB), Mike Jenkins (MJ), Steve Young (SY), Jon Rice (JR), Nick Squires (NS).

Apologies for Absence
Received from: Ric Bravery

3. Minutes of last AGM (7 October 2015)
The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters Arising:
Para 11: CT had made contacts but had not yet compiled a list of potential partners.

4. Election of Officers
Campaign Chair: Chris Terrell (prop DW, sec JB). (There was no formal election of a Deputy Chair, but it is assumed JB will assist if needed).
Treasurer: Srteve Spencer (prop JB, sec MJ).
Secretary and Membership Secretary: David Wilson (prop JR, sec CT).
Publicity Officer: Steve Young (prop DW, sec JR).
It was noted that CT will handle detailed Twitter conversations, while SY keeps a watching brief.

6. Chair’s Report
There was no written report. CT reported to the meeting as follows: WOW had remained active as a group, with a greater role being played by the website. There had been responses to numerous consultations. Engagement with the Wolverhampton Cycle Forum had continued, with the Council giving more detail on infrastructure projects, including excellent briefings from engineers. These projects were all advancing, at various rates. There was anecdotal evidence of an observed increase in cycling in Wolverhampton.
7. Treasurer’s Report
SS reported on the change of bank from Unity Trust to Cooperative. The transfer of funds would take place by means of a cheque drawn on Unity Trust, shortly to be paid into Cooperative Bank. This year, it was agreed to end the financial year at 31 August so as to have audited accounts based on statements from Unity Trust. A decision would be made in due course whether to continue using 31 August or revert to 30 September.
The audited accounts for an 11-month year to 31 August 2016 were presented and approved.

( See Member Messageboard for full doc uploaded with financial details ).

8. Membership Secretary’s Report
DW had collected all due subscriptions for 2016, except for three individuals whose membership was now lapsed. One new member had joined via the website. The main membership list now comprises 26 members.

9. Review of subscription rates
No change.

10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, time, venue, frequency
The pattern of campaign and informal meetings continued to work well, except for a period over the summer when several postponements had been necessary.

11. Campaigns and events for next season
WOW would monitor closely the increased use of technology in dealing with cycling issues. For example, police in Birmingham were detecting incidents of close passing (known as “wiggle room”). Use of technical means by police in Wolverhampton could be developed. As there was already an interest in identifying dangerous junctions, this might also be an issue which could be monitored technically. More secure cycle parking would continue to be promoted as a major factor in encouraging more cycling. There was still a need for WOW to attract more new members.



1. Minutes of last meeting (8 June 2016):
Accuracy: Agreed a true record.
Matters Arising:
7. CT had contacted Tim Philpot to clarify WOW’s approach to Twitter. Good understanding had been reached at the next Forum.
8. Cycle parking at Heantun House: MJ reported with satisfaction that new cycle parking had been installed across the road before the old was taken out.

2. Notification of Any Other Business
1. (DW) Traffic near-miss reported by WOW member.
2. (CT) Untrimmed vegetation.

3. Recent issues or developments
Black Country Cycling and Walking Strategy. SY noted that this had been written by a cyclist and included evidence from riding. This was particularly clear in the Appendices. There was an implementation plan with costings showing intention to spend hundreds of millions. As a whole the strategy accorded well with WOW’s principle that those involved in design and engineering should go out and cycle.
ACTION ALL MEMBERS: CT requests all members to make individual responses to the consultation covering any points they wish, and each to contribute a single key point (in one paragraph) to CT who will collate into a corporate response. This should be done as soon as possible to allow time before the deadline of 16th October.
Details of the strategy have already been sent to membership; this can also be found on the WOW website.

4. Reports:
Cycle Forum: There had been no minutes from the July forum. Notes by MJ had been sent to membership. The next Forum is on Thursday 20th October. SY drew attention to a change in the WOW website: To avoid confusion of names, the “Member Forum” is now titled “Member Message Board”.
Ranger group: There was still no news of a Sustrans coordinator for Wolverhampton, although there was now a coordinator for the West Midlands. Management of the rangers (now “volunteers”) has now migrated away from WOW to Sustrans in Birmingham.
Action: SY undertook to liaise with Dan Robertson (Sustrans West Midlands Volunteer Coordinator) to clarify the situation.
Publicity: SY was making improvements to the website. These include developing features for use on mobile devices. Login procedures for access to the Members Area will now require cookies to be enabled.

5. Correspondence: None reported.

6. Any other Business
1. DW had been informed by a WOW member of a recent incident (near miss by a van at Chapel Ash) which had caused him to give up cycling, despite being an experienced cyclist. There was no further detail as yet. The meeting felt that this might provide evidence on the issue of dangerous junctions.
Action: DW would seek more detail if it is relevant.
2. CT had taken photographs of untrimmed undergrowth on footpaths and cycle paths at various locations.
Action: CT will collate and send by email to the Council.
It was also noted that paintwork on some existing cycle lanes needed renewing. This would be raised at the next Forum.
3. DW had received an interesting item (on Facebook from Ann-Charlotte Holman) about the “Dutch Reach”, a simple way for motorists to avoid opening a car door without checking for a passing cyclist (or vehicle), by using their inside hand and reaching across. This is routinely taught in the Netherlands as part of driving instruction. The meeting thought that this could be brought to wider attention.
Action: DW will contact Rob Marris MP (potential contacts with Parliamentary groups).
4. Chair post: CT may be leaving Wolverhampton during the coming year, and the Campaign needs to think of a possible new Chair.

7. Next regular meetings
Informal: Wednesday 2 November 2016 (Venue: Chindit)
Informal: Wednesday 7 December (Venue TBC)
Campaign: 4 January 2017 (Venue TBC).


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
3. Minutes of last AGM (7 October 2015): Accuracy and Matters Arising
4. Election of Officers
Campaign Chair
Membership Secretary
Publicity Officer
6. Chair’s Report
7. Treasurer’s Report
a. Agree to end this financial year at 31 August 2016
b. Audited accounts
8. Membership Secretary’s Report
9. Review of subscription rates
10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, time, venue, frequency
11. Campaigns and events for next season


1. Minutes of last meeting (8 June 2016): Accuracy and Matters Arising
2. Notification of Any Other Business
3. Recent issues or developments

Black Country Walking and Cycling Strategy and Implementation Plan
4. Reports:
Cycle Forum
Ranger group
5. Correspondence
6. Any other Business
7. Next regular meeting



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