Wolverhampton Cycle Forum 

Thursday 20 October 2016, 6pm
Committee Room 1, Members’ Suite, Third Floor Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Draft Notes of Meeting received 02/12/2016


Tim Philpot, Chris Terrell, John Ray, Mike Jenkins, Nicholas Squires, San Worrall, Dave Clare, Win Sutton, Bob Amer, Dan Grealey, Jon Rice, Steve Young (last 15mins or so)

1. Apologies

Councillor Martin Waite, David Wilson, Nick Broomhall, George Reiss

2. Minutes of the last meeting (19 July 2016)


3. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

JRay – Complimented CT on his report on the Bee Lane scheme and referred to the response made by TP using the phrase “confident cyclists”. A discussion ensued about what constituted “confident cyclists” and whether it was appropriate to build schemes which were only suitable for the confident. TP advised that where possible we build schemes suitable for all users.

MJ noted with thanks that provision of extra cycle parking in School Street had been made and notified in advance of the removal from use of the parking at Heantun House.

Councillor Waite has provided more information about cycle parking mentioned in Manchester. This is not as previously recorded “private sector” but cycle hubs with paying facilities managed by TfGM. More information can be found on http://cycling.tfgm.com/Pages/join-a-hub.aspx

SY has advised that names of new members should not appear in publicly issued meeting notes, and has removed them from the version posted on the WOW site. TP has agreed to avoid this in future as a matter of principle. Connected with this SY and TP have agreed that WOW members can indicate on their membership form a willingness to be included on the Forum circulation group.

4. LGF3/Birmingham New Road Scheme Development

The Black Country has made a bid to the Local Growth Fund for resources to deliver high-quality strategic cycling facilities. For Wolverhampton the priority routes are the A4123 Birmingham New Road and the A454 Willenhall Road. An outcome to the bid is anticipated in November, with any funds being available from April 2017.

In the meantime officers have ridden the A4123 to the Wolverhampton/Dudley boundary and begun to formulate ideas and identify key barriers along the route. It is anticipated the Sandwell and Dudley sections will also be developed and co-ordination will take place over route consistency.

Dan Grealey is tasked with developing initial designs. Examples of how such routes have been implemented elsewhere were shown around the meeting. The sections present specific challenges:-

  • Snow Hill and Ring Road crossing - confined space
  • Ring Road to Derry Street – traffic on the gyratory system
  • Derry Street to Parkfield Road Junction – residential parking
  • Dual carriageway section Parkfield Road to Shaw Road - road crossings at
    • Parkfield Road
    • Inverclyde Drive/Lawnswood Avenue
    • Spring Road/Rookery Road
    • Black Country Route
    • Shaw Road/Biddings Lane

The aim is to have a design as close as possible to being ready for delivery by April. Comments will be welcomed particularly from Forum members on the design of this route.

The concept of an on-road segregated cycle route was broadly welcomed, with the proviso that there should be hard segregation (eg kerbing) especially if it was for 2-way cycling, with similar priority to traffic at junctions. Early release for cyclists at signals was favoured. TP advised he would convene a separate meeting to discuss scheme detail as and when the project were to move ahead.

5. Community Cycle Rides

TP advised that Sam Henry had been in touch regarding a successful community cycling venture he had set up in Birmingham. Sam was looking to do the same in Wolverhampton and TP had assisted with information regarding availability of bikes. CT suggested Sam could speak to WOW for support if desired.

6. Infrastructure

a. Transport Interchange

Further planning has taken place and delivery has begun of the forecourt area where the tram stop and vehicle turnaround will be. It is understood Railway Drive will be closed to motor traffic from December. At this stage the only clear cycle parking is 7 covered hoops (14 spaces) adjacent to the multi-storey car park wall. This was to be 10 hoops (20 spaces) but owing to an absence of suitable motorcycle parking, three spaces have been surrendered for this purpose. Other locations have been considered including the Banana Yard, and the possibility of a bike hub has been considered but as yet no commitments have been made to specific numbers or locations. In addition DfT have advised that under their Anti-Terrorism Strategy all cycle storage should be removed from platforms.

Anyone wishing to make representation regarding this situation should contact Subeagh Singh, project manager for CoWC (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Various comments were made: reference was made to the Selly Oak cycle hub as an example of good practice. CCTV was considered essential, where space is limited, two-tier cycle racks can be an effective solution. The question of whether motorcycles would be allowed across the Railway Drive bridge after it is closed to other traffic was raised. It is thought not.

b. WO03 Ring Road schemes

Ring Road St Patrick’s shared use path is close to completion. Contractors will then move to St John’s/St George’s shared use and toucan. New cycle storage and associated route marking in Bilston St may be commenced before Christmas.

c. Springfield Campus scheme

The first phase of this scheme – Culwell St/Grimstone St/Cambridge St is set to commence before Christmas and be complete by the end of March. Further funding sources are being sought for Phase 2 which would improve the crossing and adjacent area on Wednesfield Road at Culwell Street and Phase 3 Lock Street/Littles Lane

d. WO05 Route

This scheme is set to commence before Christmas and be complete by the end of March. Much discussion took place regarding the wisdom of putting the route across Bee Lane playing fields rather than down the Stafford Road footpath.

It was questioned whether the route as approved constituted better value for money than using the Stafford Road footpath. The impact of the new path on the playing pitches was discussed; TP advised that this had been factored into the design of the route and that there would be no impact on the existing pitch spaces. Concerns were raised about whether people would use the route at night, even if it were lit because of fears over isolation and anti-social behaviour. The merits of using the Stafford Road footpath were discussed. A major issue was the interruption to any cycle route that would be caused by Three Tuns Parade, where there is a slip road providing access to the shops. It was also noted that a major improvement scheme was being considered for Stafford Road and that in due course both routes might be available for cyclists. It was suggested that this would be an equitable solution as the playing fields route would be better during the day and the Stafford Road footpath at night.

e. Stafford Street development

Applications have been made for change of use on Peel Retail Park and new Student Accommodation at Bonemill Lane. We have asked for funding for toucan crossing facilities associated with this, and improvements in access to Fowler’s Park.

f. Wednesfield Road

Although there is a notional scheme to be delivered here at this stage no source of funding has been identified for it. We continue to look for the opportunity to deliver this scheme.

g. Raglan Street

Raglan Street does not lend itself to speed reduction entering the slip road because of the presence of drainage. However alternative routings are being developed to enable access to Sainsbury

7. Route maintenance and management

Maintenance problems should be reported via City Direct but on the understanding that funding for highway maintenance is generally prioritised towards the classified (A/B/C road) network. If appropriate response is not received in a reasonable timeframe, TP is happy to pursue matters that require attention.

Parking issues may be reported to City Direct. If they involve contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order they will be referred to Parking Services, if not they will be referred to the Police.

TP was asked to check what arrangements were in pace for leaf clearance on the cycle lane on Wednesfield Road in the vicinity of HSS Hire near Sun St, where significant accumulations of leaves occur every Autumn.

TP was asked what could be done to resolve the problem of vehicles parking in the cycle lane on Tettenhall Road at the Girls High School entrance. Advised that he would refer the matter to those with powers to address it.

8. Speed management

TP was asked what the status of speed camera operations was in Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton’s fixed camera housings have not been active since 1 April 2013 when wet-film camera operation became prohibitively expensive to sustain. West Midlands Police have continued enforcement using van-mounted cameras at high priority sites where conditions allow. In recent months Birmingham and Solihull have resumed safety camera operations using new digital equipment as a pilot. Discussions are being held regarding the extension of operations to other areas including Wolverhampton.

Consideration of speed limit reductions on major arterial routes is in abeyance pending further discussions over the resumption of camera enforcement, as this is seen as a key means of upholding a reduced speed limit.

The Police have other options for speed enforcement. The Council can deploy vehicle-activated speed warning signs. These are prioritised for use. Concerns about traffic speed can be registered through City Direct. The Police are developing a speed portal which through which it is hoped all speed enquiries will be referred so that a comprehensive picture of concerns can be built up.

Speeding on Merridale Road was raised as an ongoing concern. TP advised it was a good step to discuss such concerns with local councillors, and to raise it at PACT meetings.

9. Wolves on Wheels.

WOW are following their traditional meeting pattern of one formal meeting then two informal/social meetings each quarter. The website has been refreshed. Group and individual responses were sent to the Black Country Walking & Cycling Strategy consultation. Efforts were being made to publicise WOW to local cyclists. A survey of cyclist numbers was being carried out on Wednesfield Road. At the recent AGM the serving officers re-elected.

10. Sustrans

No separate report

11. Canals & Rivers Trust

All work is now complete on towpath improvements between Aldersley Junction and Dixon St. CRT would welcome any feedback.  CoWC are still seeking ways to light the Railway Drive tunnel and Broad Street Road and Railway bridges.

The improved surface was welcomed, although loose gravel remained under the Railway Drive tunnel. TP was aware of this and will follow up along with cutting back of vegetation. WMCA recently organised an event which was well attended by Dudley Cycle Forum and we had some useful feedback. 

Subject to Joint Cabinet approval in November, a further LGF scheme will be delivered this financial year on the Bradley Arm, beginning in January 17. In this the towpath from the Mainline Canal junction to Highfields Road will be resurfaced.

12. Any Other Business

A request has come from the Joint Local Access Forum for Staffordshire, Stoke and Wolverhampton, for someone to join the Forum to represent the interests of cyclists. Details have been circulated.

The Wildside Activity Centre has been awarded funding through the Birmingham and Black Country Community Fund Panel to promote takeup of cycling. The funding, which comes from Sport Relief, will enable the purchase of bicycles suitable for women, delivery of training for families, and cycle repair and maintenance

Future meetings:-

Jan 17 (Tues)
April 6 (Thurs)
July 18 (Tues)
Oct 19 (Thurs)
Jan 16 (Tues)


TRO Received 02/12/2016

Draft Agenda rev1

Access to Civic Centre via entrance nearest Ring Road

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last meeting (19 July 2016)

3. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

4. LGF3/Birmingham New Road Scheme Development

5. Community Cycle Rides (Sam Henry – to be confirmed)

6. Infrastructure

a. Transport Interchange
b. Springfield Campus scheme
c. WO03 Ring Road scheme
d. WO05 Route
e. Stafford Street development
f. Wednesfield Rd
g. Raglan Street

7. Route maintenance and management

8. Speed management

9. Wolves on Wheels

10. Sustrans

11. Canals & Rivers Trust

12. Any Other Business

Cycle Forum Report for Bikeability Aug – October 2016

  • Participation numbers for the August 2016 holiday courses remained similar to last years at 106 in total.
  • Since commencing training again in September 2016, 145 places have been delivered at level 1, 384 at level 2 and a further 16 at level 3.
  • We have had funding approval for the next three years Bikeability programme. There has been a reduction in the amount of funding applied for, but this reduction was seen across all authorities.

The amount of places offered is as follows:

Level 1 2016/17 269 2017/18 720 2018/19 720
Level 2 2016/17 679 2017/18 1307 2018/19 1307
Level 3 2016/17 133 2017/18 227 2018/19 227
Bikeability Bus 2016/17 111 2017/18 147 2018/19 116
Bikeability Parents 2016/17 38 2017/18 88 2018/19 93
Total 2016/17 1230 2017/18 2489 2018/19 2463

Cycle Forum Report - Workplace Cycling

October 2016

Businesses in Wolverhampton who are signed up to the Smart Network Smarter Choices programme have been busy providing evidence of staff cycling to work to achieve  Top Cycling Location Award.

The business has to show they are supporting their staff to cycle to work, by providing storage , shower facilities, training, associated maps and information etc. Also they need to provide on-going evidence that Cycle to work days and promotional events are communicated to staff and supported by the business.

Current businesses who are almost ready to submit for either Silver or Gold award are , JLR, Eurofins, Wiggle, with more still gathering their evidence.

The Cycle Storage in the Civic Centre Underground car park is now complete with Hi Rise storage covered by CCTV near the entrance on North Street available for all to use . A fixed pump stand and toolkit will be installed shortly in the car park.

Cycle To Work Day in Sept was very busy at Wolverhampton Council with over 42 staff and 540 miles pledged that day ,so a big thank you to everyone who joined in on a very sunny morning.

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