The complete shopping list of engineering projects big and small. Volume 1

Cycle Infrastructure ideas for Wolverhampton
Midland Metro
1. Maintenance of safe cycle routes along all future extensions to the Midland
Inside the Ring Road
1. Improve the contrast/marking of Worcester Street, on-pavement cycle lane and
mark the lane across the junction of Church Street.
2. Route cycle lane should be integrated with the zebra crossing across Temple
3. Address illegal parking on and obstruction of the on-pavement cycle lane at Pitt
Street/Worcester Street junction.
4. Provide a contra-flow cycle lane in Worcester Street between Cleveland Street
and Pitt Street.
5. Address the problem of the filled-in bus stops in Victoria Street between Bell
Street and Cleveland Street: either restore the bus lay-bys or provide a cycle lane
on the right to allow cyclists to pass buses which are loading passengers.
6. Provide an on-pavement cycle lane through Queen Square and provide more cycle
7. Introduce an exemption for cyclists to the one-way status of Little Brick Kiln
8. Allow 2-way access to the Great Brick Kiln Street cycle route from School Street.
9. Introduce a contra-flow cycle lane along Peel Street.
10. Introduce an exception for cyclists to the one-way restriction on North Street.
11. Provide a cycle route across St. Peter’s square from North Street to Wulfruna
12. Introduce a cycle lane to allow access to Lichfield Street from Piper’s Row.
13. Provide dropped kerbs to allow cycling from George Street to Snow Hill.
14. Create a cycle route between Piper’s Row and St. George’s Parade.
Ring Road
1. Designate all ring road pavements as shared pedestrian/cycle use.
2. Ensure that vegetation is kept trimmed.
3. Create a contra-flow cycle lane on Raglan Street in order to complete a
continuous cycle route around the ring road which is rideable in both directions.
4. Create toucan crossings across the ring road on both sides of Waterloo Road.
5. Create a toucan crossing over the ring road on the west side of Stafford Street.
6. Erect signs to warn pedestrians of the cycle lane through Molineux subway when
they approach from the steps.
7. Provide a lowered kerb on the south side of Railway Drive to allow access to
NCN 81 from the road.
8. Tighten Horseley Fields and reduce traffic speed to make it safer to cross.
9. Provide a toucan crossing over the ring road on the west side of Snow Hill
Penn Road (A449)–(and vicinity)
1. Upgrade crossing by merc garage to toucan status.
2. Shared pedestrian/cycle path from this toucan to Penn Island on both
3. Introduce traffic lights and toucan crossings at the junction of Upper Villiers
Street and Goldthorn Hill. On the south side of Goldthorn Hill, create a short
cycle lane from Upper Villiers Street to Elizabeth Avenue. The existing toucan
crossing can then be removed.
4. Improve the link between Coton Road and Sutherland Road so that it is easier to
negotiate with a tandem and trailer.
5. Upgrade the path between Westminster Avenue and Sutherland Road to a
segregate pedestrian path and cycle path. Remove the overgrown hedge and
replace with lower-growing shrubs. Remove the dangerous paving slabs and
resurface with wider, contrasting macadam to give two segregated paths. Remove
any barriers on the cycle path side so that tandems and trailers can ride along it
(rather than holding up the traffic on Goldthorn Hill).
6. Create a shared use pedestrian/cycle path between Butts Road and Swan Bank;
address inconsiderate parking across the lowered kerb on Swan Bank.
7. Provide a cycle path from Manor Road to the service road for the shops on the
east side of Penn Road.
8. Make this service road 2-way for cyclists and address inconsiderate parking
which obstructs the toucan crossing and the zebra crossings.
9. Provide cycle parking at the Spar shop.
10. Consider an on-pavement cycle path from the Spar shop to Penn U.R.C.
11. Remove the rather curious no cycling sign on Woodland Walk which is signed as
being a cycle route. (see Chain Ring). Remove
the barrier to allow access for tandems and trailers.
12. Provide a toucan crossing at Pinfold Lane traffic lights to give easy access to
Pinfold Lane.
13. Consider the creation of a showcase cycle route from Wolverhampton to
Dudley Road (A459)
1. On-pavement cycle path from Frederick Street to Snow Hill.
Bilston Road (A41)
1. Create an on-pavement cycle route from the canal (NCN 81) to Steelhouse Lane.
2. Address illegal pavement parking next to the Renault garage.
3. Create a toucan across Steelhouse Lane into Cleveland Road where lowered kerbs
should be provided.
4. Create a toucan across the A41 from Steelhouse Lane into Sharrocks Street (south
5. Provide a cycle route from Cleveland Road to the existing toucan on St. George’s
Ring Road.
Willenhall Road (A454)
1. Improve access to Uplands Avenue from Willenhall Road.
2. Address illegal pavement parking on Willenhall Road around Matthews Street. It
often stops wheel chair users from using the pavemet.
3. Provide a cycle route from Walsall Street to Bilston Island.
4. Address illegal parking at Horseley Fields canal junction which often prevents
tandems and child trailers from accessing NCN 81 along the canal.
Wednesfield Road (A4124) – (and vicinity)
1. Ensure that a toucan crossing is installed at the proposed lights for Lock Street.
2. Install a cycle by-pass lane and ASL on Wolverhampton Road (east) at the
junction with Tudor Road.
3. After the junction with Tudor Road, install a cycle by-pass land on the slip road
that peals off Wolverhampton Road along the line of the old A41 and install ASL
at the next set of lights.
4. At the double set of traffic lights on Wolverhampton Road by Heath Town Park
when heading west, install a cycle by-pass lane which runs through the first set of
lights and terminates with an ASL at the second set of lights.
5. Greatly increase cycle parking at Bentley Bridge Leisure Park.
6. At the entrance to New Cross Hospital, install direction signs to Bentley Bridge
Leisure Park showing the route along the pavement (south side) and then onto the
canal and under and over bridges onto Bentley Bridge Leisure Park.
7. Consider signing New Cross Hospital and Bentley Bridge Leisure Park from the
city centre and make Wednesfield Road a showcase cycle route to alleviate
parking and traffic congestion problems associated with New Cross Hospital and
Bentley Bridge Leisure Park.
8. Arecent appointment from New Cross shows me where the car parks are but not
where to park a bike. Create much more cycle parking at New Crosss and
encourage people to use it.
Stafford Road (A449)
1. Safety improvements to the pavement route, southbound, at the junction with
Coxwell Avenue. Currently, the cycle crossing is on a blind bend. Provide a
proper link (lowered kerbs and signing) onto NCN 81.
2. Removal of Cyclists Dismount sign on the pavement route on the southbound
carriageway adjacent to the Wulfrun Trading Estate between Coxwell Avenue and
Fox’s Lane.
Waterloo Road – (and vicinity)
1. Create a cycle route from Dunkley Street into Waterloo Road and Staveley Road
and ensure that it cannot be obstructed by illegal and inconsiderate parking.
2. Increase the quality and quantity of cycle parking at Asda and Molineux.
3. Improve cycle access to Asda.
Tettenhall Road – (and vicinity)
1. Remove Cyclists Dismount signs across Evans Street.
2. Consider safe routes to school for Girls High, S. Peter’s and St. Edmunds.
3. Take on board WoWCC’s cycle audit of the Tettenhall Road route and complete
the cycle route through Chapel Ash and into the city centre.
4. Install toucan crossings to give a route from Clifton Street to Bath Road and
Clifton Street to Tettenhall Road (west). Both of these routes should be 2 way. A
cycle contra flow lane is needed on the one way part of Bath Road.
Compton Road
1. On Compton Road, the pelican crossing near Richmond Road should be upgraded
to toucan status giving cycle access to Compton Park campus. This toucan can
then be linked to Richmond Road via a 2 way, off-road cycle lane on the south
side of Compton Road. This can be considered as a safe route to schools initiative.
Bradmore Road
1. Create a cycle lane on the edge of Bantock Park, parallel to Bradmore Road, from
Broad Lane to Bantock House.
2. Create a toucan crossing from the service road on Trysull Road to the proposed
Bantock Park cycle route.
3. Give consideration to how inexperienced cyclists might cross Trysull Road
between Oxbarn Avenue and Broad Lane, perhaps by installing a toucan.

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