Three-quarters of collisions involving a bike take place at junctions.

Right now, the Highway Code rules on junctions are confusing and create unnecessary risks for people using them. British Cycling are calling for a universal rule that when turning at a junction, you always give way to people going ahead or crossing that junction, including people cycling and walking. This would make them simpler, safer and more efficient for everyone.

The new rule would consolidate and clarify existing rules. This type of universal rule has already been shown to be effective at increasing road safety for people walking and cycling in other countries.

The Highway Code currently contains at least 14 rules about junctions however fails to cover all situations and is not sufficiently clear.  For example, Rule 170 requires drivers to give way to pedestrians already crossing, but there is no direct equivalent rule regarding cyclists.

The changes would see:

  • Drivers turning at a junction giving way to people cycling and walking who may be on your nearside, or crossing the road you wish to turn into.
  • Cyclists turning at a junction giving way to people walking who are crossing the road you wish to turn into.
  • Pedestrians getting increased protection when crossing a side road or other junction.

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