The next regular campaign meeting is on Wednesday, 11th January 2017 at the Combermere Arms, 90 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TY.
Start 6.30 pm.

There will also be a Special General Meeting (hopefully short) for the single issue of electing a new treasurer.  A separate meeting is needed due to the Bank's requirements for documentation confirming the sad death of Steve Spencer and change of signatory.

Please note that although meetings are normally scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month, this one is to be a week later as being more suitable for both the venue and some members/officers.

Bikes can be parked behind the pub, under cover if desired. Access via alleyway in Bath Road. Light refreshments will be provided.

The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 11th January 2016
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting:
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance:
Chris Terrell (chair) (CT); David Wilson (minutes) (DW); Mike Jenkins; Julia Brant; Steve Young; Nick Squires.
Apologies for Absence:
Received from Ric Bravery, Rob Marris.

3. Minutes of last meeting (5 October 2016):
Accuracy: Agreed a true record.
Matters Arising:
Black Country Cycling and Walking Strategy: There had been individual responses and a corporate response by CT.
Ranger Group: SY had met with Dan Robertson of Sustrans in Birmingham. See Agenda Item 5 below for detail.
AOB: DW had contacted Rob Marris about the “Dutch Reach”. Rob had passed this on to the relevant Parliamentary committee.
CT still intends to compile photographs of untrimmed routes and pass to the Council.

4. Notification of Any Other Business:
a. (JB) Idea of inviting Chris Boardman to Wolverhampton.
b. (CT) Chair post.

5. Recent issues or developments, including WOW corporate responses:
a. Wolverhampton station: CT summarized that there had been a period of comments by WOW to station development plans, and various replies. Events had moved rapidly, but there is a positive outlook. Cycling will now be permitted on Railway Drive but this is not yet signed.
MJ had sent questions on cycle parking at the station to City Direct on 23rd December and had received a reply. The works compound on the station forecourt would remove some parking spaces, and efforts would me bade to provide temporary facilities elsewhere. The council intended to publicize this with help from support organizations including WOW. The aim would be to keep a minimum of 50 spaces. Also, Pipers Row is still open to cyclists.
b. CT reported that the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group is holding a consultation which closes on 16th January. CT intends to comment on road justice issues. This consultation will feed into a Justice Department consultation ending 2 weeks later. Detail can be found by following a link on the WOW website.

6. Reports:
Cycle Forum:
The meeting on 20th October 2016 had been a good and positive one. A presentation on a cycle route along Birmingham New Road was welcomed. The designers had ridden the route. The Science Park / i54 route had been reconnoitred by MJ and Jon Rice. The next Forum meeting is on Wednesday 25th January.
Ranger group:
SY reported on his meeting with Dan Robertson (Sustrans Volunteer Coordinator) in Birmingham. It was intended to hold a ranger (volunteer) meeting in Wolverhampton during January or February to sort relations between WOW and Sustrans, and prospects for a coordinator in Wolverhampton. These issues should also be on the agenda for the next WOW campaign meeting in April.
DW had been acting as temporary contact since November 2016. DW had been corresponding by email with Cooperative Bank in preparation for changing signatories. He had also contacted WOW’s independent auditor, Edith Bayley, who did not wish to continue.
Action: SY will approach an accountant, will report back at the next Campaign meeting in April.
DW reported that he had not yet started requesting member subscriptions for 2017, pending election of a new treasurer. As several memberships had lapsed in 2016, the membership is now 25, plus 13 on the lapsed list.
Website and publicity:
SY reported that the online tool for commenting on the station had been very effective. It would be a good tool for exerting pressure on future issues. The email newsletter had gone out to 60 addressees. The aim is now to produce a newsletter monthly, on or about the 15th.

7. Correspondence:
None to report apart from DW’s with Cooperative Bank (see Para 6).

8. Any other Business:
a. JB suggested it would be useful to invite Chris Boardman to Wolverhampton, possibly to speak at a Cycle Forum. SY pointed out that Chris Boardman was probably more interested in UK-wide issues than local ones. The meeting agreed that the tone of such an invitation should be positive about the Council’s plans and achievements so far, and should build on this. One step towards this might be to propose Chris Boardman as “Active Travel Champion”, in line with the aspirations in the Council’s Active Travel Strategy. This will be raised at the next Forum.
b. Chair post: CT confirmed that he was continuing to seek new employment, and this would take him away from Wolverhampton. In view of this he wished to hand over current Chair responsibilities to a deputy after the next forum (25 January), but would continue to hold the overall Chair post until it is reviewed at the next AGM (October). MJ is willing to act a deputy chair during this period. (Deputy Chair or other ad hoc appointments do not require formal election). SY proposed a vote of thanks for CT’s chairmanship. Seconded JB. Voted unanimously.

9. Next meetings (informal and campaign):
Informal meeting Wednesday 1 February. Venue: Great Western.
Informal meeting Wednesday 1 March.
Campaign meeting Wednesday 5 April.


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

3. Minutes of last meeting (5 October 2016): Accuracy and Matters Arising

4. Notification of Any Other Business

5. Recent issues or developments, including WOW corporate responses.

6. Reports:
Cycle Forum
Ranger group
Website and publicity

7. Correspondence

8. Any other Business

9. Next meetings (informal and campaign)


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting:
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance:
Chris Terrell (Chair); David Wilson (Minutes); Mike Jenkins; Julia Brant; Steve Young.
Apologies for Absence:
Received from: Ric Bravery; Rob Marris.

The meeting was declared quorate in accordance with the Wolves On Wheels constitution.

3. The meeting confirmed the death of treasurer Steve Spencer on or about 10th November 2016. Tributes had already been paid to him as a colleague and officer of the Campaign.

4. Election of new treasurer for Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign:
Julia Brant indicated that she was willing to undertake this post for the rest of the Campaign’s year which ends at the AGM in October 2017. At that time all posts will be reviewed and elections held.
Proposed: David Wilson. Seconded: Steve Young. Voted: Unanimous.

5. Any other Business:
Appropriate information will be sent to Cooperative Bank to change signatory and registered address.


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

3. Meeting to note and confirm the death of treasurer Steve Spencer on or about 10th November 2016.

4. Election of new treasurer for Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign.

5. Any other Business

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