If you need any more excuses to get out and ride you could always try this:


A great incentive to go and explore bits of Wolverhampton you've never seen before.  You can join in at anytime, cards and maps are available from many locations (Libraries, Sports Centres).

Wolves on Wheels have registered a team! If you do decide to take part then please consider selecting Wolves on Wheels ( Community Group Dropdown ) as your team to support.

Earn points and win prizes by tapping special cards onto sensors known as Beat Boxes as you walk, cycle or scoot around.

The Beat Boxes are placed on lamp posts around Wolverhampton. Tap a Beat Box, it will flash and beep.

Tapping two Beat Boxes within an hour records your journey. Enjoy!

You can find your local distribution point here.

Q. Can my pet play the game?

A. Animals are welcome to accompany you on your walks and Beat the Street routes however pets may not be permitted to register as a player. Pets cannot earn points for you. The competition itself is only open to people.

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