This is an important election ( 22nd May ) for Wolverhampton as the Mayor will have influence over transport, land use, economic development, mental health etc.

Vote Bike 2017 is now live, so you can contact the candidates in the West Midlands elections and ask them how they will support cycling, or if you're already aware of their policies, please get in touch and thank them so they realise just how important an issue cycling is.

wm mayor vote may 2017Also, you can raise some local-specific issues to put on their radar.

See what candidates have said here:

Take action here:

The Bike West Midlands Network are organising the Big Bike Picnic on 22nd April, the key opportunity to listen to, meet and talk with the candidates about cycling, infrastructure, active travel and supporting physical activity in general.

There has been a very good response from the candidates with only James Burn the Green candidate unable to make however sending a representative.  More info here :

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