The Combermere Arms

90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 5th April 2017
6.30 pm

(Agenda in Annex A at bottom of page)

1. Agreement of Chair for meeting:
The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance:
Chris Terrell (chair) (CT); David Wilson (minutes) (DW); Mike Jenkins (MJ); Steve Young (SY).
Apologies for Absence:
Received from: Ric Bravery, Julia Brant (JB).

3. Minutes of last meeting (11 January 2017):
Accuracy: Agreed a true record.
Matters Arising:
Para 6: SY to approach auditor for accounts: Not done with originally intended person in view of known workload.
Action: SY and DW will approach others.

4. Notification of Any Other Business: None.

5. Recent issues or developments:
a. Beat the Street
WOW’s team is doing well and appears in the leader boards (2nd or 3rd in average scores). This should give good visibility for WOW and may attract interest or new members. A few instances of beat boxes not working had been reported.
b. Tube maps
CT has looked at Wednesfield Road, and MJ has studied a more general map of Wolverhampton. This is experimental activity towards an analytical tool for cycle routes in existence or needed. SY is also an editor for Open Street Maps and has noted some discrepancies. He has sent details to Tim Philpot on how to operate this and other online systems.
c. WCC Media Releases
These media releases refer to progress in cycle infrastructure. WOW has some concerns about the approach being used for these releases, especially exaggerations in style and language. The figures given for lengths of cycle routes may be questionable, and WOW members have done some analysis on this. Also the maps show some routes which, on the ground, are far from continuous. These concerns will be raised at the next Forum (6th April).
d. West Midlands Mayoral Elections
(extra item added by Secretary before start of meeting)
SY will be attending transport hustings in Birmingham (6th April). The main focus here is rail, but more general issues may be covered. A specifically cycling event(“West Midlands Big Bike Picnic”) will take place on Saturday 22nd April in Cannon Hill Park, where SY will establish a presence promoting a number of campaign groups.
CT has also received an invitation from ITV News Central to take part in a broadcast event on Wednesday 19th April in Birmingham when questions will be put to mayoral candidates.
Action: CT will reply to this. Although he is unable to attend, he hopes to send some issues to be raised by Chris Lowe (Pushbikes).
On a related press relations issue, SY has been approached by the Express and Star to take part in a feature comparing a route as seen by cyclists and drivers, using mobile cameras. SY hoped that the question of buses would be included, and several ideas for suitable routes were discussed.
Action: SY will reply. CT is also interested in participating.

6. Reports:
Cycle Forum: The meeting used the unofficial notes by MJ from the Forum on 25th January 2017, and other notes made by CT. SY reported that his cycle counts at the railway station had recently been reaching 97-98% of current sheltered parking capacity. WOW needs to push for an increase.
Ranger group: There was now permanent signage on NCN81 from Codsall to the A41. DW indicated this was likely to have been put in by Staffordshire. A solution to crossing the A41 was still needed.
JB was absent but had indicated that there was currently nothing to report. She had not yet received any bank statements, and there had been no transactions.
Membership: DW had passed all 2017 subscriptions received so far to JB. There were still 5 members due to pay. SY has a spreadsheet of the recent Sustrans Volunteer survey which may help to clarify some anomalous WOW member listings.
Action: SY will send this spreadsheet to DW.
Website and publicity: There was no detailed report on the website. Some WOW paper flyers had been sent to the recent Cyclenation event in Manchester.
At the end of Beat the Street in May, it would be useful for WOW to publicize its results in social media etc.

7. Correspondence:
None other than items mentioned elsewhere.

8. Any other Business:
9. Next meetings (informal and campaign):
Next informal meeting is on Wednesday 5th May. Agreed venue is the Newhampton Inn.
For the following informal meeting on 7th June, the Café Metro in Bilston was suggested as a suitable venue for a move east of the more usual western or central areas.
Action: DW will contact the Café Metro.
A full campaign meeting is due on Wednesday 5th July, probably at the Combermere Arms.

Annex A - Agenda

1. Agreement of Chair for meeting

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

3. Minutes of last meeting (11 January 2017): Accuracy and Matters Arising

4. Notification of Any Other Business

5. Recent issues or developments, including:
a. Beat the Street
b. Tube maps
c. WCC Media Release

d. West Midlands Mayoral Elections

6. Reports:
Cycle Forum
Ranger group
Website and publicity

7. Correspondence

8. Any other Business

9. Next meetings (informal and campaign)

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