Wednesday 25 January, 6pm

Committee Room 1, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Access to Civic Centre via entrance nearest Ring Road

Present: Councillor Martin Waite (chair), Dave Clare, Chris Hopkins, Mike Jenkins, David Wilson, San Worrall, Tim Philpot, Win Sutton, Sheena Jenkins

1. Apologies: Steve Young, John Ray

2. Minutes of the last meeting (20 October 2016)

These were agreed as accurate

3. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

a. Community Rides. Sam Henry is looking to establish community cycle rides in Wolverhampton using the same model that he has achieved success with in Birmingham. Discussions held with Transportation and Bikeability staff. Aim to establish first ride around April/May 2017. Will report to future meeting
b. Parking in Tettenhall Road cycle lane. Where lanes are mandatory i.e. bounded by solid white line they can be enforced. There are also traffic regulation orders governing parking and waiting that can be enforced, although some appear to have inconsistent signs and markings. Loading bans need to be in place and correct to be enforced by the mobile camera. School parking remains an issue, notably in the vicinity of the Girls’ Grammar School which is due to increase its intake. Various examples of bad behaviour by motorists were mentioned, along with the suggestion that education might be better targeted on children than adults.
c. Speed of traffic Merridale Road. CoWC has no recent data on traffic speed at this location. The presence of a safety camera housing suggests that there was a collision and speed problem identified in the past but collision records do not currently indicate a concern.
d. Highway surface maintenance – Penn Rd, Coalway Rd, Warstones Rd. There are maintenance works scheduled for these locations as part of the on-going maintenance programme in accordance with available resources. It was noted there was a funding problem for highway maintenance that was not unique to Wolverhampton.

4. Transport Interchange/Station Cycling Facilities
a. TP advised that after some discussion there was agreement to maintain NCN81 along Railway Drive throughout the Rail Station rebuild and Metro extension works. Works are expected to last up to two years, and there may be occasional activity which will require the route to be closed for short periods. It is hoped that notice will be given so that cyclists can be notified in advance.

Cycle parking has been monitored over about 1 month, indicating a peak occupation of around 50 cycles. During the Rail Station works it is understood the parking will remain on the platforms (36 cycles). This combined with the new parking (14 spaces) will be supplemented by temporary parking for 20 cycles initially in the grassed area adjacent to the car park. Further temporary spaces may be added if demand is apparent. The long term plan remains to provide an enhanced level of cycle parking in the vicinity of the station.

5. Infrastructure Progress

a. Springfield Campus scheme
The scheme to provide improved cycle and pedestrian access from the Transport Interchange to the Springfield Campus is in progress and expected to be complete by Easter. This includes reduction of Grimstone Street to one direction for motor traffic with pedestrian and two-way cycle facilities, closure of part of Cambridge Street to motor traffic and creation of public realm space, traffic calming in the remainder of Cambridge Street and extension of a 20mph limit.
b. City centre schemes
It was queried when amendments to the Princess St/Market St/Garrick St route previously discussed would be implemented. TP advised that these were still in view but waiting on the completion of major schemes which were occupying all staff resources currently.

Conversion of Ring Road footpaths at St Johns, St Georges and St Patricks to shared use are in progress along with conversion of a crossing at Snow Hill to toucan and installation of a new Toucan at St Johns. Works anticipated to be complete by Easter.

Questions were raised about parking in cycle lanes and enforcement of the new Darlington St bus lane. TP advised that where traffic regulation orders were in place enforcement would be carried out according to available resources.
c. Science Park-i54 Route
This scheme is in progress, anticipated to be completed by Easter. It was noted that the speed limit on Wobaston Road had been reduced to 30mph recently. This was welcomed but the meeting was interested to know why it had been done and whether it was permanent. TP agreed to find out.

This prompted further discussion about speed limits on major roads. It was noted that on Penn Rd where a new pedestrian crossing had been installed at Springhill there had been support through the consultation for reduction of the speed limit to 30mph. However this was rejected by the external safety auditor on grounds of likely non-compliance and the potential consequences. It was noted that for speed reduction on major routes the resumption of enforcement by cameras is considered to be essential, and this is a matter of on-going discussion within the region.

d. Bilston network developments
Work is under way to create a small park adjacent to Dudley Street/Nettlefolds Way. This will provide a shared use link between Bilston Urban Village, Bilston town centre and Bankfield Road making use of “Tiger” crossings in 3 locations.
In addition work is about to start on provision of a high-quality pathway alongside the Bradley Arm Canal from Deepfields to Bankfield Road bridge.

6. Future developments – Birmingham New Road, Westside
a. Birmingham New Road. Initial concept drawings have been created for this route from Wolverhampton city centre to Shaw Road on the Dudley boundary. An announcement is awaited regarding the availability of funding for this route.
b. CoWC is moving towards the development of Westside to be a mixture of leisure, retail and accommodation. Opportunities will be sought to enhance the cycle network as this project develops.

7. Access Fund Bid –
The West Midlands Combined Authority has submitted a bid to the Government Access Fund to build on previous revenue activities conducted under the Local Sustainable Travel Fund. Elements of the bid include:-
Various mapping and wayfinding initiatives
Promotional schemes for cycling, walking and use of public transport particularly to workplaces
Development of a web-based reporting mechanism for cycling “close passes”
An announcement on funding is awaited

8. West Midlands Cycle Charter Action Plan –

Three working groups have been formed to progress key priorities:
Development of a strategic network for cycling
Working with new developments
Marketing and Promotion of the Network

9. Black Country Walking and Cycling Strategy/Active Travel Strategy

The Black Country Cycling and Walking Strategy has been finalised. This is an essential component for the success of any future funding bids relating to cycling and walking.

CoWC continues to seek opportunities to enact the provisions of the Active Travel Strategy in line with available resources.

10. Wolves on Wheels

WoW has raised cyclist concerns about the Railway Station development, using its online presence. Thanks to TP for response by CoWC. WoW has also made a response to Black Country Cycling and Walking Strategy consultation. The Facebook page and Twitter feed have steady followings. There are around 60 subscribers to the monthly newsletter.

CT noted the sad loss of Steve Spencer, former member of WoW.

CT is reducing his activities as Chair due to other commitments, MJ is compensating for this in the role of Deputy Chair. Julia Brant is to take on the role of treasurer.

11. Sustrans

There has been no regional co-ordinator in recent times. SY was previously doing it and is currently acting as a “bridge” although technically retired from the role. The West Midlands region has a new co-ordinator, Dan Robinson. Dan is expected to call a meeting of Sustrans volunteers. This will be a welcome opportunity to clarify relations between WoW and Sustrans in respect of the Rangers for this area.

12. Canals & Rivers Trust

13. Any Other Business
a. It was queried if a sign could be put up on Chapel Ash for traffic turning into Raglan Street warning of pedestrians crossing
b. There was a brief discussion regarding a possible correlation between uninsured motor vehicles and crime/personal injury collisions

Draft Agenda 


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last meeting (20 October 2016)

3. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

a. Community Rides
b. Parking in Tettenhall Road cycle lane
c. Speed of traffic Merridale Road
d. Highway surface maintenance

4. Transport Interchange/Station Cycling Facilities

5. Infrastructure Progress

a. Springfield Campus scheme
b. City centre schemes
c. Science Park-i54 scheme
d. Bilston developments

6. Future developments – B’ham New Road, Westside

7. Access Fund Bid

8. West Midlands Cycle Charter Action Plan

9. Active Travel Strategy/Black Country Walking and Cycling Strategy

10. Wolves on Wheels

11. Sustrans

12. Canals & Rivers Trust

13. Any Other Business

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