WoW Campaign Meeting July 2017

Starts 18 30 PM, Wednesday 05 July 2017

Location The Combermere, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TY

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Wolves on Wheels Campaign Meeting.

Several WoWcc officers are departing or resigning hence the agenda item “New Campaign Regime”.
The campaign will need a new organization to work with reduced manpower resources, and options for change will be discussed.

Bikes can be parked behind the pub, under cover if desired.  Access via alleyway in Bath Road.  Light refreshments will be provided.

PDF - MJ Notes from Westside


1 Agreement of Chair for meeting:

The meeting was chaired by Chris Terrell.

2. Attendance:

Chris Terrell (CT) (Chair); David Wilson (DW) (Minutes); Mike Jenkins (MJ); Jon Rice (JR); Steve Young (SY).

Apologies for Absence: Received from Julia Brant, Nick Squires.

3. Minutes of last meeting (5 April 2017):

Accuracy: Agreed a true record.

Matters Arising:

(Para 3): DW had approached an auditor who would be available if required.

(Para 5): CT had contacted both ITV News Central and & Star about possible participation in programmes/articles, but nothing further had been heard.

(Para 6): DW had not received a spreadsheet of Sustrans volunteers, but passed to SY at this meeting the latest update of the spreadsheet of WOW membership, which would also facilitate comparison.

(Para 9): DW had contacted Café Metro as a prospective meeting venue, but found that it was closed on Wednesdays.

4. Notification of Any Other Business:

(DW) “Wolves in Wolves” sculptures.

5. Recent issues or developments:

Westside development: MJ reported on the invitation event at Civic on Friday 23rd June, which had been attended by MJ, DW and JB. For detail see “West Side Story 2” (PDF, attachment). Meanwhile MJ had drafted a WOW response which would be submitted.

The meeting agreed to take Items 7 and 8 before item 6.

7. Reports:

Cycle Forum: The minutes of the last Forum (6 April 2017) were examined and there were no specific comments.

Ranger group: No report.

Treasurer: DW was performing essential Treasurer tasks in the absence of JB. The remaining member subscriptions (£92.00) were paid into the bank on 30th June. The current balance is £433.20. A historical item was noted: In October 2016 the then Treasurer Steve Spencer had written a cheque to Cycling UK for £24.00 on behalf of a member, but it was unclear whether this had ever been sent or received. The matter had been left in abeyance due to the death of Steve Spencer. Any later repercussions will be dealt with if arising.

Membership: DW reported that all but one of the member subscriptions due had been collected (total £106.00). During 2017 so far, one new member had joined and paid subscription. There was one further application which had received a holding reply pending re-organization. DW passed to SY the latest update of the membership list for use in re-organization. Action: DW to send SY an electronic version of this.

Website and publicity: SY reported that he was making improvements to the website, including data retrieval of various kinds.

8. Correspondence:

In response to an enquiry for sources of special disability bikes, MJ had provided links to appropriate websites and had received thanks.

6. New Campaign Regime for WOW:

Background: Several of the current officers are leaving their posts shortly: CT (Chair) is moving to Scotland; JB (Treasurer) and DW (Secretary and Membership Secretary) are resigning their posts for personal reasons. Lack of personnel to fill these posts means that the current structure is unsustainable.

SY proposed some options for a new regime and undertook to consult other cycling organizations for models or guidance). SY reported as follows:

A number of cycling organizations had encountered similar problems and moved to a more streamlined regime, so WOW is not unique.

SY had spoken to: Cyclenation Forum (some individuals); Cycling UK; Bike West Midlands Network + various other 3rd sector and voluntary groups.

The general consensus was that most campaigns had constitutions which were becoming less and less relevant. In particular, constitutions tend to tie financial activity to a stricter set of rules than necessary for small budgets. A new structure was possible without a bank account, treasurer or auditor.

WOW has outgoings consisting of corporate subscriptions to Cyclenation and Cycling UK, and minor expense claims. (The costs of the website are negligible).

WOW’s income currently consists of member subscriptions.

The cycle campaign in Sheffield shows an example of moving from paying “members” to free “supporters”. If funds are needed for outgoings, these are covered by asking supporters for ad hoc donations.

Managing small amounts of this kind can be done without a bank account, eg. by use of PayPal.

SY’s recommendations:

Draft a new constitution, setting up a new model.

This would include:

  • Only two officers, Chair and “Secretary” (new post mainly managing online functions);
  • Only one formal meeting (AGM) per year, all other meetings to be informal;
  • Finances managed as outlined above (no bank account, no subscriptions from members/supporters, manage movement of funds by other means), transparency to be maintained.

WOW could then proceed for 1 – 2 years under the new constitution, using its existing funds (which are enough to cover at least 3 years operation), and review in due course ( minimum yearly AGM ).

Action: SY to draft a new constitution to be examined / adopted at a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held on 20th July (provisional date).

Action: DW to send the current Membership an advance notice of this SGM, urging all to send in ideas and attend the SGM to discuss detailed proposals.


9. Any other Business:

“Wolves in Wolves” consists of wolf sculptures in and around the city centre, an exhibition continuing until 24th September. The latest Chronicle gives a map and recommends to “Walk the Trail” (this can presumably also be cycled). More detail on the council website.

10. Next meetings (informal and campaign):

SGM for new regime: (Provisional) Thursday 20th July, Combermere Arms 6.30 pm.

Scheduling of further meetings is in abeyance pending new policy.


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

3. Minutes of last meeting (5 April 2017): Accuracy and Matters Arising

4. Notification of Any Other Business

5. Recent issues or developments, including:
Westside development

6. New Campaign Regime for WOW
Options for changes to organization due to departure of officers

7. Reports:
Cycle Forum 
Ranger group
Website and publicity

8. Correspondence

9. Any other Business

10. Next meetings (informal and campaign)





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