Location / Time

The Combermere, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton

7pm, prior to social meeting.


Rob Marris

David Wilson

Mike Jenkins

Steve Young

Nick Squires


Dave Clare

Julia Brant

Jullia Pursehouse

Sheena ( though offer of attending if low numbers much appreciated )

Approval of accuracy of record of previous AGM.

Minutes of last AGM (5th October 2016)
Accuracy: The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters Arising: None

Election of Officers

Chair - Mike Jenkins

Financial Secretary - Jon Rice

Secretary - Steve Young

Chair Report

This has been an eventful year.

Sadly it started with the unexpected death of a long standing member and Treasurer, Steve Spencer. I must thank Julia Brant, David Wilson and now Jon Rice for picking up the task of looking after the campaign's finances.

Our campaigning this year has taken different forms:

Attending council run information events such as for widening the Stafford Rd leading to the M54 then submitting a written response.
Engaging developers face to face at consultation events eg Westside development, Royal Hospital site.
Presenting information to the wider public via eye catching articles on the website (and issuing a wake up to the council).

All have their place, as well as members turning up at the council's Cycle Forum meetings to ask questions and present viewpoints.

In the Spring some light relief came in the form of Wolverhampton Council's 'Beat the Streets' game, encouraging residents to become more physically active by walking or cycling between swipe card boxes dotted around the city. We entered a team made up of WoW and WolvesBUG members, which for a brief while headed the team leaderboard and finshed in fifth place. Hopefully this gave the name 'Wolves on Wheels' some publicity to a receptive audience.

By the summer it was becoming apparent that the organisation would not be able to continue for much longer in its original form, but I will leave it to Steve to talk in more depth of that.

I'm sure everyone will want me to say thank you to Chris Terrel, who has been an effective chair for most of this year and the preceding couple; and to Steve Young for tireless work on the website and doing the heavy lifting on drafting a new constitution.

I look forward to welcoming new supporters and hope that we can encourage some to make their views and needs known to the powers that be, even if in something as simple as attending a public consultation event and innocently asking “Excuse me, where is the secure cycle parking?”

M.Jenkins October 2017

Secretary Report


Following the Special General Meeting of January 2017, the campaign has had an ammended constitution, the key purpose of which was to slimline administration following the death of former financial secretary Steve Spencer, alongside David Wilson wanting .

departure of 2 key former the move from a membership model to a supporter model.  The objective was to free up administration time which could be more purposefully used in campaigning time, for both membership and financial purposes.  awkward dealings with banks is not .

WoW Supporters : 66

Twitter Followers : 1,087

Facebook Likes : 109

Bikes counted at Wolverhampton Railway Station : 11,357

Unique website visitors ( Sep '16 to Sep '17 ) : 9,175

Main secretary priority for forthcoming year is to get a better system and template in place for sending supporter emails.

Secondary secretary priority will be accessibility to rail station survey data + website improvements.

Need to send Family membership email

Will update No more than 2 emails per month.

Will try and do meeting posters.

Steve Young, October 2017.

Financial Report


£430 received; income since £0; expenditure £75.00 (Cycling UK affiliation renewed 1st Oct); current balance £355.00.

The Cyclenation subs (£20.00 I believe) is due 16 Oct and I shall arrange payment of that in the next few days. No other outgoings planned at present as far as I’m aware but please let me know if there is anything else I should know about.

I am now the custodian of the paperwork and anyone is welcome to delve through it! From now on my intention is to retain all records electronically.

Jon Rice, October 2017

DW queried if Co-Op bank account closed, JR replied via email almost instantly, advising "They were supposed to write confirming closure of the account - presumably to Julia, the most recent official treasurer - but I've not seen anything.  We withdrew all but about £3.00 from the Co Op and that is now sitting safely".

RM proposed one-off spending limit of £50 for software for website, seconded by MJ.

Campaign Priorities For Coming Year

Widen supporter base.

Continue to monitor planning developments.

Monitor City Centre Development Proposals

The AGM was followed by sandwiches, then the WoW social meeting.

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