Record Note of Wolves on Wheels Meeting held 13/09/17 at the Lych Gate Tavern

Those Present: David Wilson, Harinder Aujla, Steve Young, Mike Jenkins

Apologies received:


Station Building from cyclists viewpoint Consultation (from Tim Philpott, Cycle Forum)

MJ would respond. To include:

  • No weaving round obstructions

  • Automatic entrance doors

  • Room to look at departure boards without obstructing other passengers

  • Space to prop bike beside ticket machines while purchasing

  • More than one gate to platform wide enough to allow bikes through

  • Note that some of these points apply to other users as well (wheelchairs, pushchairs etc)

Display Materials

HA offered to produce designs for posters to be put up at meeting venues in advance ie “WOW will be meeting here on ...”


Public Consultation – Housing Development at Royal Hospital site

MJ would try to attend this. Questions to raise:

  • Cycle parking; residents, customers, employees.

  • Maintenance/improvement of cycle friendly through route from Ring Rd to Bilston Rd

Future Meetings

  • Preference for set time each month

  • Preference for second rather than first Wednesday of each month

Meetings will be 11/10/17, 8/11/17, 13/12/17, 10/1/18 and possibly 14/2/18. Need to avoid venues popular for meals for Dec. & Feb. dates.

SY made provisional booking during the meeting for Combermere on 11/10/17 (AGM) and will confirm.


M.Jenkins 24/9/17


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