Record Note of Wolves on Wheels Meeting held 11/10/17 at the Combermere Arms

(Note of the informal meeting which followed on immediately after the AGM)

Those Present: As AGM

Apologies received: As AGM


Westside Development

MJ would send a response on behalf of the campaign.


Public Consultation – Housing Development at Royal Hospital site

MJ attended this. His note (1) on the event was tabled.


Items to raise at Cycle Forum 19/10/17

Overall plan for cycle accessible routes inside the Ring Rd


Royal Hospital


Cyclenation Campaigners Conference, Oxford, 10/11th November

Agreed to fund train fare and entry ticket for one WOW to attend if there is anyone willing/available/interested.


Future Meetings & Communication with Supporters

  • Meetings would be second Wednesday of the month at least as far as February 2018. These dates (with venue TBC) are shown on the website calendar.

  • November meeting is expected to be at The Lighthouse Cinema, but SY awaits confirmation.

  • Normally send out two emails per month. One a week before meeting, one later in the month. Make this clear on sign-up page so prospective supporters can be confident they won't be swamped with emails.



Note following Consultation Event for Housing Development on the Royal Hospital Site.

Held Wednesday 20/9/17 at All Saints Community Centre.

  • Event was staffed by Tweedale (the architects preparing the planning application). Around half a dozen residents there while I was there, no cllrs or council staff as far as I could see.

  • There was a small display, not much more than the artists impressions already available and an overall site plan of the proposed development.

  • The planning application will be a 'hybrid'; one application covering the whole site rather than individual detailed applications for re-use of the remaining hospital buildings (presumably because conservation status) and outline application for the new housing.

  • If the application is successful then the land will be sold on to a developer to carry out the actual work.

  • Most of the housing will be new build on the currently cleared ground. Town house style for those facing Cleveland Rd to be in-keeping with the appearance of the Hospital Building; conventional individual two storey for the rest (drive, gardens, garage?). The impression was that these would be large houses, which appeared to be causing some dissent from the residents present who wished to see a greater proportion of affordable housing.

  • The Hospital Block will be converted to apartments. This will be within its own (gated?) perimeter fence. Tweedales said there was provision for communal cycle parking although it was not shown on this particular drawing.

  • They are aware of the council's plans for a 'gateway' into this side of the city centre (ie across the car park of the old Sainsbury store) and realise that making it attractive to get into town on foot and by bike would be a selling point to prospective residents. I pointed out that it was important to look both ways along Cleveland Rd; an easy link up to the on-pavement lane alongside the Bilston Rd makes it easy to get to the well surfaced canal towpath giving access to Smestow Valley LNR (for example).

Mike Jenkins 22/9/17


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