Record Note of Wolves on Wheels Meeting held 08/11/17 at the Lighthouse Media Centre


Those Present: Steve Young, Nick Squires, Mike Jenkins

Apologies received: David Wilson


Feedback from Cycle Forum 19/10/17


BikeShare: WoW to consider suitable locations for bike docking stations to suggest to Tim Philpott.

New Market Site: SY & MJ had received details of the cycle parking, which appeared unsatisfactory. Both had responded to Tim Philpott.


Royal Hospital Planning Application

MJ reported that this was now visible on the planning portal of Wolverhampton Council's website. Provision for cyclists was conspicuously absent. SY emailed the planning department to query the lack of a travel assessment. MJ would prepare a draft response and invite comments from WOW supporters before submission.


Supporter Base

SY will email (once only) 'lapsed' members who appear on the old membership list drawing their attention to the new free supporter option and inviting them to the December Social. Their details will then be deleted.


December Social

Agreed groups to invite, SY will contact BikeShed, Wolverhampton Wheels (committee only), West Park Stroke Group organisers, Cycle Speedway, BikeRight; MJ will contact WolvesBUG. All will be offered opportunity to bring their own fliers to put out.


Venues for Future Meetings

SY will contact The Chindit for January's meeting.

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