Those present

Andrea Cantrill (Wolverhampton Green Party)

David Wilson

Nick Squires

Steve Young

Mike Jenkins

Cycling Matters Discussed

We have used CoWC Highways Technical Guidance Note to good effect in responses to planning applications, particularly the section on cycle parking. In any future revisions we need to ensure it includes current best practice. SY noted that Coventry Council's equivalent document included statements to the effect that schemes including filtered permeability would be preferred. SY and MJ were aware of Wheels for Wellbeing's guidelines for inclusive cycling which contained useful material.

 The date for the next WOW meeting is set (14/02/18) but not the venue. We should have a review, open to the wider supporter base to look at other venues to add to the current regulars.


Matters to Raise at 16/01/18 Cycle Forum

 Chair Report: Feedback given on Market Cycle Parking design; WOW response to Royal Hospital planning application; Dec/Christmas Social.

 Review of CoWC Active Travel Strategy: Uptake within Council Depts; Role of Cycle Champion; Any Public Health Funding for council's 'War on Obesity'?

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