Following a Freedom of Information request by national cycle campaign Cycling UK, for 2013-2017 Wolverhampton Council spent £131,011 in Legal and Compensation costs.

5 claims from the period were from cyclists, compared to 62 motorists.

Across the country, the backlog in fixing potholes cost an estimated £72m, with 390 people killed or seriously injured by pothole related incidents in the last 5 years.

Many individual cyclists who suffer injuries from potholes do not make successful claims, and the number of total injuries due to potholes is therefore likely to be far in excess of this number.

Across the UK, 670 successful or settled claims made by cyclists between 2013-17.

More info at ( images may be a little gory for some ).

See for an easy way to report potholes that you spot.

Wolverhampton Pothole
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