WOW Meeting 16th May 2018

Those present:
Steve Young
Mike Jenkins

David Wilson


Railway Station

MJ to email Tim Philpott drawing attention to continuing concerns over continuity of cycle parking provision during building work.
SY to alert Sustrans to latest changes to cycle routing along Railway Dr. due to Metro extension.


Newcross Hospital Cycle Parking

SJ's tally of publicly accessible parking (73 spaces over 8 locations, 11% usage on one snapshot) suggests that provision for outpatients/visitors is probably adequate at the moment. Need to concentrate our efforts on finding out what would encourage more employees to commute by bike.


Future Meetings

Keep to pattern of varying between town centre, suburbs and trying out new venues. The Lych Gate is already on the calendar for June so provisonal choices:

July: The Chindit?
August: Somewhere new. The Railway at Codsall? - not within Wolverhampton, just over the border into S.Staffs but would be a nice ride in hopefully good weather to entice a few long standing supporters along.
September: Back to the town centre - The Great Western?
October: This will be our AGM so probably The Combermere.


New FAQ topics on website.

MJ would draft one on Planning



SY reported work ongoing.


Wheels for All(1)

MJ to make contact, let them know what we have done to promote it.


(1) Wheels For All


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