Those present:
Steve Young
David Wilson
Mike Jenkins

Sheena Jenkins


Station Parking: SY & MJ have kept in close contact with Tim Philpott (WCC). Latest information available went out in June newsletter, updates will go on Facebook, Twitter, website when received.

 Wheels for All: See WOW facebook (via website if not a FB user) for report. MJ will check with organiser who volunteers should contact.

 Ride Leader Insurance: MJ would clarify what effect, if any, our change of structure (from paid membership to supporters) has on the insurance available as part of our affiliation to Cycling UK. No plans to organise regular rides, but it would be useful if we want to run 'infrastructure survey' rides or other events.

 Events: We did not do anything for Bike Week or Wolverhampton University Health Fair. Idea for the future would be to have a 'jumble sale' table at someone else's event, raising profile and some money.

 Systems re-org/GDPR: SY continuing work on this. New supporters will have to separately contact Tim Philpott if they wish to be added to the Cycle Forum mailing list.

 BikeShed: Will not be able to offer same level of service as previously. Adjustments and basic repairs only, cannot accept donated bikes unless in near working order. MJ would alert Wildside's bike worker to see if they can pick up the slack.

 Other Matters discussed in brief
Western Orbital Motorway, WMP 'Close Pass' initiative, Newsletter timing, August Venue, WMCA Cycle Design Guidance training day.

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