WOW Meeting 12th September 2018

Those present:
Jon Rice
David Wilson
Mike Jenkins

Julia Brant


Future Activities

Discussion of MJ's ideas for possible future WOW activities, most with a view to attracting new supporters:

  • Take Part in Bike Week 2019
  • Led rides to look at particular infrastructure features eg out from town along urban braid of NCN81, back along the canal braid.
  • Led rides to certain meeting venues
  • 'Jumble Sale' - see what surplus (cycling) gear supporters want to get rid off, hold a sales plus 'meet & greet' stall at someone else's event.
  • Something to mark WOW's 20th year (started October 1999 at 'The Moon Under Water' if my info is correct).

Many of these would benefit from WOW being covered by Ride Leader and event liability insurance, JR to go ahead and renew Cycling UK affiliation which is due start of October.

Future Meetings
Due to possibility of not having a quorum for October's meeting make this a normal social and postpone the AGM. Hold in the second week so as to be before Cycle Forum on 18/10/18. Try Friday (12th) to see if this attracted more people. JR suggested Lych Gate as this no longer seems as busy at w/e as it once was.


JR noted that viewed from the train the canal towpath between Wolverhampton and Birmingham is much improved.

Need to recognise that there is a mismatch between 'younger' supporters tending to use social media to communicate and the fact that our interaction with the council and others bodies tends to be by more traditional means (email, letter, face-to-face).

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