NOTE: These are my (Mike) recollections of the meeting. There may be errors, there certainly are ommissions. They are intended only as an aide memoire until the official minutes come out.


Notes from Cycle Forum Meeting held 18/10/18
Civic Centre 6 - 8 pm

Those present:

Cllr. Martin Waite
Tim Philpott (WCC Transportation)
Carol Sutton (WCC)
Ruth Taylor (WCC Regeneration)
Nicholas Squires, Mike Jenkins (Wolves on Wheels)
Bob Amer (Resident)


Cllr. Paul Sweet
Lissa Evans
David Wilson

2. Westside Link Consultation
Some additional information to that given in the brochure (same as that on the council webpage) was provided:
-Cycling would be allowed in Victoria St
-Also (I think) in Dudley St so as to be consistent
-The lighter coloured 'herringbone' strip shown in the artist's impression of Queen Sq. is not a cycle lane but a clear path for the visually impaired. The intention is to have all the 'furniture' (benches etc) on one side, pedestrians and cyclists mixed on the other and this lane down the middle.
-More cycle parking including some more secure such as caged would be provided.
-The council wants to avoid lanes differentiated by changes in level to avoid disadvantaging the less mobile pedestrian.

There was considerable discussion, with a range of opinion, based on experience from around Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry and abroad about the likely success of this approach.

Some more detailed maps were tabled for discussion and for distribution to interested parties not present.

3. Minutes of Last Meeting

MJ noted that the green contraflow lane in Princess St was deteriorating. TP asked to be sent details of exact location and photos if possible.
MJ noted that some of the spaces of the new market cycle parking are partially obstructed by the adjacent vehicle parking space. MW expected the use of this area to change from car parking in the future.

a. WCC has or is about to grant outline planning permission for the Royal Hospital site re-development provided improvements to the cycle parking facilities and road layout are made.
b.Air Quality Standard Compliance: MW reported that there should now be near-live reporting of levels on the WCC Website. He added that there should be an improvement of the bus fleet (ie going electric) within 1 - 2 years; and that encouragement via the licencing arrangement for taxis to follow suit.
c.Consultation on Birmingham New Rd improvements will take place in the New Year.

5.Detailed plans for option 'D' of the A454/Eastern Gateway proposals were tabled. This option gave a significant improvement for cycling (on-pavement paths on both sides of road for whole length and priority given across some side roads.

6.TP reported that the stretch of the Railway Path from Alpine Way to Meccano Bridge will be surfaced. In answer to MJ he was not aware of what the final surface of the improvement currently underway for the path to Windmill Cres. would be; this path was not specifically designated as a cycle path. BA repeated his concerns over the state of repair of the bridge itself.

7.TP was still hopeful that the S. side of Railway Dr. would be cyclists only and the N. side pedestrians only with it becoming shared at the end in order to cross to Lichfield St.

8.TP reported that the Bikeshare scheme had again been delayed; with consultation on dock location to be around Christmas.

(Items 10 - 15 on the agenda were not adressed due to lack of time; TP will provide notes in the minutes that result from this meeting.

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