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There are consultations for two proposals running currently, both of which have the potential to affect cycling into and out of the city centre.
The Eastern Gateway involves the A454 Willenhall Rd; The Westside Link will join the Westside development to the transport hub (bus,tram and rail stations). It would involve: Queen Sq., Darlington Street, Victoria St and Salop St among others.
The consultation for Westside Link closes on the 2nd of November, that for the Eastern Gateway on the 23rd.
There are many ways to let the council know your views on these proposals, please see the links below:

Eastern Gateway

Option D appears to provide the most long lasting solution to alleviate congestion and the best provision for cycling. For more information see the council webpage

Westside Link

In addition to the information contained on the council webpage we were at a presentation given by council staff at the recent cycle forum and learned the following:
Cycling would still be allowed along Victoria St
There would be a contraflow lane for cycling along Darlington St (It will become one-way for motorised traffic).
There will be additional cycling parking in the area, some of it may be 'secure' (caged/lockers).
We have a small number of copies of a more detailed plan of the proposals; if you would like to have/see a copy of these please contact chair AT wolvesonwheels.co.uk

We have submitted a response to the council's proposals.

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