sainsburys front

If you shop at the Ring Rd St Mark's store and travel there by bike you will know that although the cycle parking is good it is a long way round if you have come from the centre of town. It would be useful to have some cycle parking at the front as well; this was raised at a recent meeting of Wolverhampton Council's Cycle Forum.

We have written to the manager of the store and will report any developments:


I visit your store once or twice a week, usually travelling by bicycle. The cycle parking provided at car park level is good: under cover, easy to use and stable 'hoops', near to the store entrance and in full public view (important for security). It is convenient for people arriving from the south west side of the city but not so for those coming from other directions. It is clear from the bikes parked 'informally' at the front (Ring Rd side) that there is a demand for parking here as well; are there any plans to provide cycle parking here? There would appear to be space, either for a few 'hoops' at the top of the ramp level or rings set into the wall of the ramp.
This subject was raised, and briefly discussed, at a recent meeting of Wolverhampton Council's Cycle Forum.


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