Record Note of WOW Meeting 11th January 2019

Those present:

Julia Brant
Jon Rice
David Wilson
Mike Jenkins

Items likely to come up at next week's Cycle Forum meeting (working from MJ's own notes of the previous meeting and the official minutes that had only just been received):

Westside Link Consultation: WOW had submitted a response to the consultation. It was noted that the proposals had received unfavourable comment in local press, centred around loss of passing trade if buses no longer ran through/stopped in Queen Sq. & Victoria St.

Deterioration of Princess St contraflow lane surface: MJ had submitted photos as requested.

Eastern Gateway proposals: Article and photos put on front page of WOW website, but no response submitted.

Surface improvements on railway path/Meccano Bridge: Photos of completed work posted on WOW Facebook page.

Bikeshare dock location consultation: MJ submitted response.

British Cycling Community Cycling Meeting: JB queried who had been invited to this and had WOW been asked? MJ did not think so.

Other to raise:

  • Westside development - it's all gone a bit quiet.
  • Lack of cycle awareness in council departments eg Press Releases (also commented on by RM).

Other: MJ to contact SY about additional user for mailout software.


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