NOTE: These are a compilation of Julia's and my (Mike) recollections of the meeting. There may be errors, there certainly are omissions. They are intended only as an aide memoire until the official minutes come out.


Notes from Cycle Forum Meeting held 15/01/19
Civic Centre 6 - 8 pm

Those present:

Tim Philpott (WCC Transportation)
Dave Clare (Wolverhampton FoE)
Bob Amer, Win Sutton, Lissa Evans, Rob Marris, Patrick Bentley (Residents)
Julia Brant, David Wilson, Jon Rice, Mike Jenkins (Wolves on Wheels)

Cllr. Martin Waite
Sam Hendry

3.Matters Arising
Westside Link Consultation: MJ pointed out errors in the map issued as part of the presentation (lockers shown at station & Civic) TP was aware of these.
Railway Path resurfacing: BA noted that concrete had been added to cills of the bridge offering some protection in the short term. MJ reported the bridge deck iteself had been tarmacced; from Alpine Way to Meccano Bridge is loose chippings and drainage channels added in the cutting section. LE had ridden this stretch since the work and was impressed with result.
Community Cycling Meeting: TP stated that this was between organisations who had personnel employed in roles of cycle promotion; WOW had not been deliberately excluded. JB asked that we should recieve invites as we could offer a 'users view'.


4.'No Limts to Health' Iniative
This was to have been presented by SH. TP said the invitation would be repeated for next forum. TP added that SH was a 'keen individual' who had obtained funding and set up a family orientated cycling activity in Cannon Hill Park and had offered to set up a similar scheme locally (he is a Wolverhampton resident.


5.Bikeshare scheme.
Consultion on 'pilot' dock locations took place, TP stated that 5 sets catering for 50 bikes will go live 1/2/19 (Piazza, West Park, The Way, St John's Retail Park, Market). NextBike's plans are eventually to have 90 dock locations in Wolverhampton; CoWC are currently assessing 150 potential locations for suitability and will go to consultation in March. If subsequently found necessary the docking stations can be moved. Bikes are 'sturdy' (20kg) with 8 gears. No charge to CoWC; scheme is funded from subscription, sponsorship and adverts. W.M. Mayor is very keen on the scheme and cycling in general.
MJ asked to be kept up to date in order to publicise on WOW webpage.


6.'Cycling Awareness'
MJ was concerned that 2 (3?) years on from adoption of the Active Travel Scheme by CoWC it did not seem to be promoting awareness of cycling generally within the Council; he quoted examples of press releases which did not mention cycling when it was relevant (leaf sweeping) and use of cycle stands by street cleaners and depositing points for rubbish bags. He asked what examples others had encountered and the best way to challenge. General feeling was that pothole repair was more of a concern.


7.City Centre.
2 years of road work disruption projected.
Railway Station.
Good quality cycle hub at station was still the aspiration.
Railway Dr.
The pavement on the South side of the bridge would be cycle only as far as in front of i10. TP confirmed that there would be no prohibition on cycling on the road alongside the tramlines but that this could not be signed.
RM felt that the cycle path along Market St/Princess St was not intuitive and arrows in addition/instead of the bike symbols on the ground would be beneficial.
No progress as developers awaiting sufficient interest from businesses. This is likely to delay any work on the Westside Link.


8.A454 Eastern Gateway
Cabinet approval in a couple of months should enable bid application to proceed. Tricky set of conflicts to resolve.


Delayed by 2 months; forthcoming consultation around March. This entailed cycling facilities along most of length of A4123 Wton - Bham.


10. Cyclist training report will be included in official minutes.


11.Wolves on Wheels report
Wolves on Wheels made a group response to CoWC's consultation on the Westside Link proposals and there was at least one individual response to the consultation on BikeShare dock locations.
WOW will continue to post (on Facebook and webpage) information on developments of interest to local cyclists (eg resurfacing of Railway Path) as from the response there is clearly a demand for it.


Complete review of NCN undertaken. Aims to increase use, and improve quality of path (eg review barriers).


13. Canals & Rivers Trust report. Towpath is now surfaced (tarmac) from Wolverhampton to Birmingham (ERDF funded). This was generally welcomed; with some reservations on the use of towpaths: getting out of the canal if fallen in (BA), fast cyclists coming round blind bends (WS).


RM asked about painted symbol renewal on (shared) cycle use paths, pointing out deficiencies due to degraded paint markings.

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