Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Notes of Meeting

Tuesday 15 January 2019, 6pm

Committee Room 5, Civic Centre,

St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Present: Mike Jenkins (dep. Chair), Julia Brant, Bob Amer, David Wilson, Rob Marris, Jon Rice, Tim Philpot

  1. Apologies CMW, JPJ

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (18 October 2018)

  1. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda –

- Westside Link – cycle lockers shown on plan non-existent. This is acknowledged and will be mentioned but has no significant bearing on the proposals

- Market cycle parking – covered parking has been installed but access to some spaces is difficult when the nearest car parking space is occupied. Also the parking is on a raised block which is unhelpful for access. TP advised he had referred these matters to the Planners but not received a reply

- British Cycling meeting – With reference to a meeting convened by British Cycling’s co-ordinator Lesley Easter, MJ asked why Wolves on Wheels (WOW) had not been involved. TP advised that those invited to the meeting were all offering or contemplating some kind of organised service to cyclists, and that the purpose of the meeting was to share information on these services and look for opportunities to collaborate.

- Meccano Bridge Improvement – the matter of maintenance of the Meccano Bridge which carries the Smestow Valley path over the canal had previously been raised. TP advised that a length of the path from Compton up to and including the bridge deck had been improved. There remains a need to carry out maintenance works on the bridge structure, and this has been raised with the Council’s highway structures engineer.

  1. No Limits To Health Cycling Initiative – Presentation deferred to future meeting. MJ recommended that any new initiative seek to integrate with existing provision e.g. Bicycle User Groups, and the Stroke Rehabilitation project in West Park.

  1. Bikeshare Scheme

The Bikeshare (cycle hire) scheme is about to be launched. The launch will be symbolic and based on installation of 5 docks around the city centre, at the Civic Centre, the Market, The Way youth zone, St John’s Retail Park and Sainsbury’s (Ring Road). The intention is to carry out further phases of consultation during the spring and install more docks across the city and ultimately throughout the West Midlands.

MJ suggested a map of dock locations would be useful. TP advised that the locations were on the nextbike app. They would appear on an updated Cycling and Walking map and probably in publicity for a more substantial launch. MJ asked for WOW to be informed consultation when further rounds of consultation took place. RM asked why there was no hire dock at the rail station. TP advised that there was every intention for a hire dock to be placed at the station but that under current circumstances, there as no location that would remain suitable for the whole period of the station rebuild and the metro extension. A dock location will however be identified at the earliest opportunity.

  1. Wolves on Wheels

Active Travel Strategy (ATS) – WOW has concerns that Council as an organisation has not assimilated the ATS in many areas. Examples quoted were:-

  • Cycle parking at the Market used for stacking of rubbish bags on bin collection day.

  • Cycling images and references not included in corporate documents where they would be appropriate (see recent press release on Air Quality and Government Grants)

  • Poor ongoing maintenance of cycle route markings, and examples of poorly-designed and marked infrastructure.

There was a discussion about the importance of explicit signage and markings with particular reference to the Princess St/Market St/Garrick St contraflow route. There was also discussion of the Council’s inspection and maintenance of the cycling infrastructure.

WOW expressed approval for the WM Police “Close pass” operation and recommended it be extended to Wolvehampton.

  1. City Centre:

Railway Drive/Station/Metro Works - These works are expected to continue for up to 2 years. There will continue to be disruption to cycling movements on Railway Drive, and possibly the temporary parking arrangements. Eventually the southern footpath across the bridge will be dedicated to cycling only, linking to shared use in fromt of i10. Discussions are ongoing regarding the provision of a cycle hub in the vicinity of the station and fulfilment of the Station Transport Assessment aspiration for a total of 200 cycle parking spaces at/near the station.

Westside – Project has been delayed owing to market forces.

  1. A454 Eastern Gateway Consultation update – Consultation is now concluded. The results will be reported back to Cabinet with recommendations. Subject to approval, a bid will be made for funds to deliver the scheme.

  1. A4123 update – A multi-modal study of the whole route between Birmingham and Wolverhampton was carried out and draft proposals including continuous cycling provision were developed. The project has been unavoidably delayed by approx. 2 months. Consultation on proposals is now anticipated around March.

  1. Cyclist training - A total of 1307 cyclists were trained to Bikeability level 2 and 300 to level 3

  1. Sustrans – Sustrans have completed a review of their National Cycle Network. https://www.sustrans.org.uk/sites/default/files/file_content_type/ncn_review_report_paths_for_everyone.pdf

The report will eventually be available online

  1. Canals & Rivers Trust – works on towpath improvements between Coseley and Oldbury are now complete although contractors will need to return in the spring to add surface dressing between Coseley and Watery Lane Tipton when surface temperatures allow.  The route is open and usable from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, with a signed bypass route for the Coseley Tunnel.  Some sweeping will be needed to the surface dressing in due course. 

New directional signage has been installed by Wolverhampton City Council on the Wyrley & Essington Canal funded by European Regional Development Fund. 

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