NOTE: These are notes made by WOW members who attended the meeting. There may be errors, there certainly are omissions. They are intended only as an aide memoire until the official minutes come out.


Notes from Cycle Forum 25-7-2019


Tim Philpot (Wolverhampton Transportation)

Dave Clare (Wolverhampton FoE)

Cllr Claire Darke (Park Ward, current Mayor for Wton)

Wyn Sutton (Chair), Rob Marris (residents)

Sam Henry & colleague (No Limits)

Julia Brant, Jon Rice (Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign)


As per Agenda

  1. Apologies: Cllr Martin Waite

  2. No Limits to Health/Heritage Trails: Sam Henry & colleague, based Cannon Hill Park.

    No Limits Heritage/Health Trails using canals to link heritage sites. The intent for the project is to link heritage sites in time for Commonwealth Games 2022 – to link Wton with Bham wide initiatives.

    JB suggested there were a number of win outcomes for this –

  • to give a good impression of Wton, Bham & Black Country as an interesting region, the (industrial) heritage of which was ideally explored by cycle;

  • to link cycling to the Games as an active mode of travel;

  • to give young people the opportunity to show visitors/tourists the area in a way comparable to volunteers at London Olympics

  • to contribute to regional economic development of region by bringing tourist spend in via cycling

    Sam Henry et al very keen on partnership working.

    1. Minutes of the last meeting ...

    2. Matters arising ..

    3. Wolves on Wheels

    • Edinburgh ruling on tram rails

    • Council Carbon neutral commitment (note agenda gives this as neutral, not zero)

    • Joint Letter from Cycling Ambassadors

All these points were relayed by JB & JR as per MJ's notes

The following information emerged via Mayor Claire Darke:

WCC Climate Change champion = Cllr Barbara McGarrity (Spring Vale);

Digital Champion = Cllr Beverley Momenabardi (Ettingshall);

Inclusiveness Champion = Cllr Clare Simm (Oxley) .

    Re tram rails: TP indicated that re Railway Drive and Piper's Row/Lichfield St crossroads, tram rails would be set with adjacent surfaces flush with the rails to minimise dangers to cyclists. JB reminded TP of a Centro/Metro related meeting at Heantun House in September ….? with a nationally experienced consultant who came to give views and later inspect installation on Bilston Road, finding some unhappy examples of dangerous road surfaces.


    6.Better Streets Project: making streets fitter for walking & cycling. Deadline 31 July! Initiatives must come from the community. JB suggested lockable cycle storage containers for on street parking, given many households had nowhere to store/lock bikes. TP's observation = that this setup would need managing.


    7.BikeShare scheme update: the scheme with NextBike has been cancelled as NextBike failed to deliver on promises made to WCC. Usage statistics allegedly exist.


    1. Station Cycle Hub: DC suggested allocating time to this as dedicated agenda item at future meeting. The Forum could invite station manager to speak/present. TP pointed out difficulty of station site as operating environment – space and security being 2 major issues. The Cycle Hub can't go inside due to lack of space – more likely it will go in front of the multistorey car park.

      Deadline for completion of station building: allegedly end of this year. For Metro works: end of Dec. For Cycle Hub: spring 2020.

    1. A454 Eastern Gateway consultation update … TP urged to convey to WCC not to make same mistakes as on Penn Rd Island. JB made point that there should be optimum fit between infrastructure and user task, ie what are cyclists/pedestrians etc likely to want to do at any point, and how should the infrastructure be configured to enable that with .

    2. A4123 (Birmingham New Road) update: the intention is to have a continuous cyclepath from Wton to the Hagley Road.

    3. Cyclist training: TP deferred on.

    4. Sustrans: TP indicated that whereas previously, NCN81 was routed through Wton as on road because the canal towpath was not up to grade, Sustrans was now designationg NCN81 as along the towpath. The feeling from the meeting was that both could be operated along lines of NCN81/A to offer choice to cyclists and allow those wishing to come into city centre to do so. JB pointed out the precedent of various long distance footpaths having parallel routes on/off road.

    5. Canals & River Trust …

    6. Any Other Business: JB noted in TP's directions for entrance into Civic Centre at rear to indicate that the previously installed cycle racks had been removed. On enquiry,it appeared that after security issues with the building, that someone involved with this had taken a unilateral decision to remove the cycle racks, which apparently had subsequently been scrapped! It was pointed out that with all the ongoing initiatives such as Active Travel, cyclepaths etc. it was utter folly to remove cycle infrastructure and even more so to throw it away, which constituted a waste of public money.

    JB requested that the racks be reinstalled so that secure cycle parking was once more where it should be at that entrance to the Civic Centre. RM observed that he had had to leave his bike unsecured so how could this constitute an improvement on security?!

    Mayor Darke urged JB to write to all relevant councillors to complain!

    RM thanked Cllr Darke for sparing time from a very busy schedule to attend.

    The meeting concluded at 19.40pm.

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