Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Notes of Meeting

Thursday 17 October, 6pm


Committee Room 5, Civic Centre,

St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton


Present: CMW, WS, TP, SH, DC, BA


  1. Apologies Lissa Evans, Tony Fox, Rob Marris, Julia Brant, Mike Jenkins

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (25 July 2019)

These were accepted as an accurate record


  1. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda:-

  • Sainsbury cycle parking – covered cycle parking is scheduled to be installed on the ring road footway outside Sainsbury’s in the near future

  • Cycle Hub at the Transport Interchange – negotiations are on-going regarding this

  • Tram Rails and cyclist safety – concerns still exist about the safety of cyclists around in-carriageway tram rails, following the court ruling against Edinburgh City Council. The view was expressed that where routing for cyclists interfaced with tram rails it should facilitate and strongly encourage perpendicular crossing through design

  1. No Limits to Health/Heritage Trails

Sam Henry updated the meeting on this project. His key aim is to get a base established for the project, to provide storage, a workshop and a focal point. Hi immediate aim is to offer led rides such as Heritage tours, capitalising on tourism generated initially by the Commonwealth Games. The rides would typically use towpaths and quiet roads. With support from the Council, his Crowdfunding page is now live with a target of £33,000 to raise. This is to fund a fleet of bikes and Cytronic ebike conversion kits, and a base/workshop/storage possibly formed of storage containers. A potential location under consideration for this is Fowlers Park for ease of parking, access to the towpath network and proximity to the city centre. Concern was expressed about the venture being obstructed by towpath barriers, but it is understood these are operable by radar key.


  1. Council Climate Emergency

This was the subject of a formal resolution at full Council. The Youth Council addressed councillors and expressed hopes and fears for the climate in the future. The Council’s intention is to examine every policy and activity questioning its impact on the climate and seeking to reduce its carbon footprint as an organisation to zero by 2028. Discussions to date have focussed on a variety of environmental issues such as reduction in use of paper cups, and the mayoral limousine. It was acknowledged the most difficult areas will be where there are political decisions that need to be made over competing priorities such as economy. These would have a profound impact on matters such as town centre parking and road design. A Councillor Champion has been appointed in Barbara McGarrity. There is to be a working group to link into every area of council activity, and a Citizen’s assembly.

In relation to climate change, it was noted that the cycle parking formerly on the ceremonial car park had been peremptorily removed, following concerns about cycle theft. Concern was expressed that this was not in keeping with the climate agenda and that strong representation should be made to the building management for its replacement. In support of this, Sam Henry advised the meeting about the HSBC headquarters in Birmingham which has been built with minimal car parking and substantial cycle parking. The organisation also operates a strong and highly supportive cycling culture. Dave Clare advised that the starting point for reintroducing cycle parking was Secure by Design. This encourages cycle parking to be placed where overlooked by passers-by. Cctv is also beneficial. A suggestion was made regarding takeup of electric vehicles. This could be achieved in the council fleet and encouraged in taxis but would be more of a challenge for public vehicles.

Sam raised the new cycle routes in Birmingham as an example of good practice at a cost of £12 million. And asked if there was a will to do this in Wolverhampton. Dave advised that the quality of routes as a key issue for encouraging more cycling.


  1. Better Streets Project

TP advised that funding had been awarded to Wolverhampton through the Better Streets scheme for the following:-

  • Improvements to the cycle route on the A4124

  • Better signage of suitable cycle routes along/parallel to Great Brickkiln Street

  • Establishment of a centre for cycling activity at Park Village Education Centre

  • Establishment of a Wheels for All cycling project for disabled riders at Aldersley Leisure Village

  1. Bikeshare Scheme

TP advised that work was now under way to procure a new Cycle Hire scheme. The new scheme will comprise a minimum 1500 bikes across the West Midlands with 150 docking stations, with the option of virtual docks (demarcated areas with no physical docking apparatus). 10% of bikes are to be electric. The aim is to have selected the provider by the end of March 2020. First bikes should appear in Coventry by the end of 2020 in time for their “City of Culture” status, then to be rolled out across the rest of the region during 2021.


  1. A454 Eastern Gateway

TP reminded the group that a proposal featuring cycling provision for the section from the ring road to Old Heath Road had been identified through consultation as the preferred option, and advised there was development work ongoing on the detail of the Neachells Lane junction.


  1. A4123

There was nothing to report on this corridor


  1. Sustrans

It was identified that the NCN route through Pendeford needs attention to its surface


  1. Canals & Rivers Trust

  1. Any Other Business

Councillor Waite advised that he had not yet formally approached West Midlands Mayor Andy Street to request him to attend the Forum, but understood informally that he would probably send a representative.

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