Wolves on Wheels has today published its vision of the Wolverhampton Transport Interchange where cycling should designed in from the start as one of the main modes of transport.

The report entitled 'Wolverhampton Interchange - Cycling Included' is available from this website in the Document Archive under Bike Rail Integration.

Campaign Chair David Holman said, "We have a golden opportunity to build a new railway and bus station and include easier, more convenient access for cyclists from all directions and lots of well designed cycle parking.

The report covers all these issues in detail. The interchange needs to also promote healthy, sustainable transport modes - cycling and walking and future-proof this major investment against rising fuel costs.

What's the use of 1200 car parking spaces if fewer passengers can afford to drive to interchange and park ?"

This paper argues for the full integration of cycling as an equal mode of transport into the new Wolverhampton Transport Interchange.

In the spring of 2008 the outline planning application is being compiled so the design is at a key stage.

The paper concentrates on cycling routes to the station and on cycle parking including a Leicester-style Bike Park .

PDF can be downloaded here.
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