On 9 December 2005, Wolverhampton City Council held a day long scrutiny panel into cycling in the borough.

Wolves on Wheels presented on behalf of the cycling public.  

PDF can be downloaded here

Wolves on Wheels' keynote presentation to the December 2005 WCC scrutiny panel into cycling looks at our cycling past, Cycling in the present Wolverhampton and the needs of the future - tackling the fear of speeding traffic to make streets that aren't traffic corridors but places where people want to lead active lifestyles outdoors.

Places where they may walk, linger, play, gossip, shop, jog, feel safe and [hopefully] cycle. The message is 20's Plenty on residential streets. With thanks to Rod King of 20's Plenty for Us (http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/).

Here are the draft findings. The finished report is / was buried somewhere on the Wolverhampton City Council website. 

RTF can be downloaded here.
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