Redesign project, now concluded satisfactorily.

The Bus Gate has a cyclists' push button at the pedestrian crossing but facing into the bus lane which works the traffic signals straight away. Success!

WoWcc report on the bus gate that is signed as open to cyclists but, when first built, did not actuate the signals to allow them to leave. Big success! WCC have fitted a cyclist's push button for us to get the light to go green straightaway.

Design layout for the bus gate by Alistair Massie showing a more pedestrian-friendly crossing layout without sheep pens. Thanks to Alistair and to WCC for supplying the Autocad originals.

PDF Signal Layout.

In response for ideas on how to tackle the Wednesfield Road Bus Gate, CTC Northants Rep John Cutler sent us this picture of a Bus and Cycle only right turn signal in Kettering. It has a push button in a familiar style mounted to face into the road for cyclists to operate the signals. Bus drivers use it too when the transponder on their vehicle is defective. And Lo! Campaign Success! Urban Traffic Control have installed one of these in Wednesfield Road Bus Gate. It works well and the signals change straightaway.

Approaches to the bus gate showing cycling permitted

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