Minutes of Inaugural meeting of Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum

Date issued:12 July 2004

PROJECT: Cycle Forum

PLACE OF MEETING:           Aldersley stadium                   DATE:  27 May 2004

PURPOSE OF MEETING:     Terms of Reference               TIME:  7.00pm




Councillor Malkinder Jaspal MJ                                              Portfolio Holder Transportation

David Orton (Head Of Transport Development)DO               WCC

John Partridge (Traffic Management) JP                               WCC

Nick Kitchen     (Traffic Management) NK                                WCC

Richard Welch (Leisure Services)  RW                                 WCC

Rob Marris RM                                                                       M.P. (Wolverhampton SW)

Andy Priest AP                                                                        Elizabethan Cycling Club

Martin Lucy ML                                                                       Wolves-on-Wheels CC

Dave Nicholson DN                                                                Wolves-on-Wheels CC

David Wilson DW                                                                     Sustrans Ranger Group

Ian Fardoe  IF                                                              Wildside Activity Centre




Dr Louise Massey       Wolverhampton Primary Care Trust


001 Minutes of Inaugural meeting of Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum

Tuesday, 12 December 2006 17:42 - 


MJas Chair – welcomed everybody and thanked them for their attendance. He explained that the idea behind a

more formalized approach to the Forum was to raise the profile of cycling in Wolverhampton and would be a

means of tapping into a whole range of issues concerning Health, Leisure and Utility cycling in general. It was

envisaged that the Cycle Forum would be a sub-group of a wider Transportation Forum but this was subject to

Regenerating Wolverhampton Team Cabinet approval. He then asked others around the table for their initial views

about how they saw the Forum operating. 

DW - suggested that a first glance the terms of reference seemed to have an over emphasis on highway issues

and that softer issues i.e. training  were also important.

RW -welcomed the idea and saw it is an ideal opportunity to provide ‘joined up’ thinking on education, sports

development and health.

RM - welcomed the initiative but suggested that a broader cross section of the community needed to be

encouraged to take part in the forum if it was to tackle traditional pre-conceptions about cycling in certain sections

of the community. 

AP– commented on the lack of street cleaning/maintenance in many cycle facilities on the highway and that this

should be the subject of a future meeting. 

IF– commented on the relatively low level of cycling in the City and suggested there tended to be a link between

perceptions about cycle use and relative affluence as indicated by cycle use in  Oxford, York and Shrewsbury. He

pointed out that Shrewsbury had been successful in increasing cycle use over the last few years and that their

development plan could be used as a blue print for the Forums work. 


DO– the forum should be a place to discuss and implement best practice and it would also give the opportunity for

the cycle forum to report back to a wider Transportation Forum on the work it has achieved. In turn, this would give

cycle issues a more prominent role than was currently the case.  




A general discussion took place regarding the draft terms of reference that had been prepared. The revised Terms

of Reference are attached as Appendix A




JCP suggested the Forum should meet twice yearly as this ensured that the meetings were busy with full

agenda’s. He suggested that it should operate in a similar fashion to the existing Road Safety Forum which

contained active sub-groups that meet on a more frequent basis. It was also agreed by all that political

involvement by Member/s was key to the success of the Forum’s work. DOdescribed the current timetable for the

submission of the Local Transport Plan (LTP) to the Government Office (GOWM) in July. An annual LTP seminar



001 Minutes of Inaugural meeting of Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum

Tuesday, 12 December 2006 17:42 - 

was held at the Molyneux and it was likely that if the wider Transport Forum was approved, it would logically

replace the seminar. The Forum would then become the place to report progress on all aspect of Transportation



It was agreed by all that the next meeting of the forum should follow quickly and at that meeting the business end

of the Forum and the formation of the subgroups and their aims should be discussed and agreed in more detail.  



4.       DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 22 JULY 2004

Issues to be discussed at the next meeting include:


·         Confirmation by Forum of Mission Statement/Aims/Targets

·        Membership and formation of Sub-Groups

·        Sub-group tasks and actions

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